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Live the whole life of a gecko lizard roaming about the country house full of dangerous human beings! Fight with your house rivals, hunt different insects, find your mate and raise a family of little geckos playing Gecko Survival Simulator 3D and have fun!
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Explore this interesting world of large humans and little insects at once! Would you prefer to eat a cockroach or just ants? This choice is up to you! Chase your prey and bring it to your den to eat calmly! But be really careful and attentive, ‘cause there is a dog in a house! It would kill you at the first moment of seeing! Find a box to hide and wait till the menace is over!
Find your mate, lead it to your nest and create your own family of gecko lizards! Earn points for each successfully done mission and power your gecko lizard up to become more powerful and dexterous! Unlock colorful skins for your lizard to look like the Mediterranean house gecko, Indo Pacific gecko, mourning gecko, leopard gecko or common house gecko! Choose your favorite skin and enjoy the Gecko Survival Simulator 3D game!
Mind the health, energy and food indicators of your gecko and your gecko’s family! Don’t forget that if one of them drops, you may become dead in a second! Protect your nest from large human beings and their aggressive dogs, hunt different insects like ants and cockroaches to feed your little geckos and just enjoy your life!
Gecko Survival Simulator 3D features:
• Realistic country-house gecko survival simulator
• Various types of interesting surviving quests to complete
• Opportunity to mate and raise a family
• Different enemies to fight with
• Amazing 3D graphics
Become the small gecko lizard trying to survive in the large country house! Be ready to search for your insect prey to feed yourself, fight with different enemies, find your mate and raise your little family of gecko lizards! Explore this large world of human’s house in Gecko Survival Simulator 3D!


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