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Return to the underwater adventures once again! Explore sea bottom, hunt, keep your amount of oxygen and unravel secrets with Underwater Survival Simulator – 2!
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Be a lonely survivor after Great Flood, lost in the ocean depths only with your aqualung! Fortunately, you find yourself near the underwater military base, but it’s lost and forgotten too, so you should repair broken modules or even builds a new one. Explore the sea bottom to quarry resources and restore this base! “Hunt” fishes, whales and cephalopods to provide you with food and search for the sources of fresh water! And, of course, don’t forget about your level of oxygen – if it drops to zero, you’d die soon!
Fight for your life with underwater predators – they never sleep and would chase yours until death, it's or yours. Find weapons to protect yourself – or craft new one from materials, found over the bottom. Build shelters to prevent attacks of sharks and do your best to survive at all costs with Underwater Survival Simulator - 2!
Watch for your character indicators - health, energy, fullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive! Especially mind your oxygen level – if it drops to zero, you’d never emerge again! Do all that you can – there is a lot of things you can do here, on the ocean bottom. Earn experience and raise up your skills! Craft weapons and special tools – it would help you to stay alive! Collect different materials – it can be very useful!
Hunt for predators, build shelter & craft tools – feel like a lonely diver with this underwater survival simulator in 3D! Stay alive at all costs! Spending time at the bottom of the ocean is not easy as on the survival island!
Unravel all secrets of the sea bottom, find treasures or hidden weapons and, maybe, the method to leave this place and get home! Be a real survivor with our Underwater Survival Simulator - 2!
Underwater Survival Simulator -2 features:
• Ultimate simulator of aqualunger
• Beautiful of picturesque ocean’s bottom to explore
• Many hidden treasures to ease the survival process
• Crafty opponents – these underwater predators are more dangerous than you could think
• Varies craft recipes - craft weapons and tools ‘cause it can save your life someday
Live the life of aqualunger and keep your weapons alert! Literally dive into the wilderness, explore sea world and fight for your life at the bottom of the ocean with Underwater Survival Simulator – 2!


Not bad game

I loved it but the items u put in you’re base can’t be used plus you can just knock them down and they fall and it’s a pain to get them back up. Sugestion:make a water vehicle that has some storage

Problems with game
captin banho

My house is in pieces and some of them have disappeared and my home that’s still intact is floating away and the photos that are up Above are not correct I like this game I would like it fixed.

Please update
Aiden Gray

I love the theme and all about surviving under water but there needs to be more items and submarines and more items to put in your base and more creatures to fight and more technologically please update this game!!!

i downloed random crap


Thanks you
thx ??

My parents won’t let me play subnatica on my Xbox that’s where your game comes in cause you’re game is free and fun yea the graphics ain’t the best but it it probibley better then subnatica so keep up the good work ps thank you


This is a game that will make you hate them because it says kill fish but I don’t see any also they don’t tell you when you play THAT YOU HAVE TO EAT also who do get breath back idk there no way guys if you consider playing this game don’t it’s terrible and will disappoint you also when you save before you die you should be able to go back to your save hate it just hate it????????????????????????????????

Worst game ever!

Ok I hate to be so negative but there is a number of things wrong with this game, first off there are only sharks no other animals. It is very hard to figure out how to eat and find stuff. It kept taking me to google and other apps +lots and lots of ads.


I loved this game, but i dont have time to play cause of online school and stuff ? so all i can say is if your reading this, the game is probably the best game i’ve ever played!

so frustrating!!

please fix the game... i am unable to get fiber, we should also be able to grab coral or fish

Need more stuff????

It’s need more stuff and weapons It needs more stuff to build so It can be more fun please More stuff??????????please please please ok ?? And don’t forget the animals Crabs dolphins sea animals see monsters you need to please please

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