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Air Tycoon 2 HD

? Manage your own airline company in the world on your iPad.
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Games $0.99 TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPad

? Go away just screen-stretched iPad games. It's a real HD version fully using 1024*768 big screen.

? Multi-language supported : English, Française, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, and 한국어.

? What's new in AT2 HD special edition

? New layout and UI optimized on iPad full screen
? Five new airplanes - Bombardier CS100, CS300, Dash8-300/400, and Concorde
? Number of schedule variation by airplane cruise speed
? Availability for game customizing by choosing background cities

? The traditional business simulation game returns with full upgrade - AIR TYCOON 2

? Worldwide 155 airports
? 51 real airplane models
? Passenger and cargo routes
? Subsidiary business
? Precise and brilliant simulation modeling
? All new graphics and user interface

? Game play
You can make your own airline company which can buy airplanes and build routes for passenger and cargo over the 155 world wide cities. When you make a route you can control the schedule, fare, seat design, service level to create more profit. After that, hiring more employees is needed. You can invest for advertisement to pull up company's name value and check the employee's productivity for satisfaction of customers. If you need more money for managing, you can get a loan and pay off from the bank.

? When you have some crash problem,
1. Keep your iOS up-to-date
2. Remove all background apps (Double push Home button & remove background apps)
3. Check available free space is more than 1 Gbyte
4. Power off and on your device(press and hold Home button & sleep/wake button for 3 seconds)


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? When you have any question or opinion about our game, please contact us. Thank you.

? E-mail : [email protected]
? Twitter :


The best game in the WORLD

I love this game so much I bought an iPad to play it! However I wish that in cities like Chicago where there are two airports, you could choose which one you used? Also could you add a budget airline mode or way to play like one? When all is said done I really do love that game. Description You are an airline starting from scratch. You can choose where you fly to and for how I h along with cabin service. There are AI to challenge you and your airline. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!

Please update to iOS11
Juan M. Franco

Great game, I can assure you loads would play if updated to the latest version of iOS11! Please do so!


Kindly update the game for iso 11 or later Regards

Please update for iOS 11

LOVE this game but I Just purchased a new iPad and this game won’t work on iOS 11... please update

Bug bug bug bug bug bug
I eat Pills

All I can do is see the select a language screen, and click on a button to highlight it, nothing else happens!

app crashes in the middle of the game

crashes almost always in the middle of the game. tried to send bug report in app, crashes as soon as i hit the envelope icon.

Good game with design flaws

I really like this game. It is fun, works great with no bugs. However, any game that forces (loud, obnoxious) music when you start it and doesn't offer an option to turn it off until you start a 'new game' is flawed. Please add a settings button BEFORE I start a new game (on the language choice page) where the user could turn the music on or off and you have got a very happy customer.


Too confusing I don't get it wast of money

Epic Game!!

Super fun for AvGeeks!!

More cities
Ronaldo d f

Needs more airplanes and more destinations in america , central and south america.

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