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? Manage your own airline company in the world.
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Games Free TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

? Multi-language supported : English, Française, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, and 한국어.

? The traditional business simulation game returns with full upgrade - AIR TYCOON 2

? Dedicated Air Tycoon 2 HD (iPad version) is also available now.

? Worldwide 155 airports
? 51 real airplane models
? Passenger and cargo routes
? Subsidiary business
? Precise and brilliant simulation modeling
? All new graphics and user interface

? You can make your own airline company which can buy airplanes and build routes for passenger and cargo over the 155 world wide cities. When you make a route you can control the schedule, fare, seat design, service level to create more profit. After that, hiring more employees is needed. You can invest for advertisement to pull up company's name value and check the employee's productivity for satisfaction of customers. If you need more money for managing, you can get a loan and pay off from the bank.

? When you have some crash problem,
1. Keep your iOS up-to-date
2. Remove all background apps (Double push Home button)
3. Check available free space is more than 1 Gbyte
4. Power off and on your device(press and hold Home button & sleep/wake button for 3 seconds)


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? When you have any question or opinion about our game, please contact us. Thank you.

? E-mail : [email protected]
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DEVELOPERS Please update for most current IOS 11!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game with a lifelong passion, and I would like to play it with the most current, and newly updated IOS 11. It still says that this game is non-compatible with my device, and it’s killing me! I have an entire legitimate empire on on Air Tycoon 2 on the old IPad 2, but I want to take it with me everywhere I go!! This version of AIr Tycoon was the BEST!! Please, developers, I ask you please, release a new update for Tycoon 2 and Tycoon 2 lite so we can all download it for the newer IOS’s. Thanks so much!! -Dillon

Please update this game Developers!!!!
( () )

The game is fun. Easy to get a hang of and is consistently challenging that is why I had for years on my old I phone 4 but then I got an IPhone 8 and I can’t play it anymore!! Please it is not hard to update and I’ll even pay for it if I have to

iOS 12

Please update your app

I love this game! Update it!

I love this game, it’s fun and simple, also offline. Sadly though, it hasn’t even been updated to support IOS 11. So you can’t get it on the App Store. Please update it!


Please update app for IOS12. Miss this game

Can you guys update this one?

I liked it better than the online one buy can’t use this any more because of iOS updates that made iOS I think 64Bit games only or something else. Please If you can update this one.

Great Game
airline gamer critic

Make it IOS-11

iOS 11
ruben fdfgfdb

Great game needs to update to iOS 11 though. Loved the game while I could play it!

Adding new engin option

Pleas update ASAP need to update to aconidate to other device like th iPhone x


Amazing game! But until it’s updated to new operating systems it will not work! Please get that done.