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? Manage your own airline company in the world.
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Games $0.99 TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

? Multi-language supported : English, Française, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, and 한국어.

? Dedicated iPad version is also available now.

? The traditional business simulation game returns with full upgrade - AIR TYCOON 2

? Worldwide 155 airports
? 51 real airplane models
? Passenger and cargo routes
? Subsidiary business
? Precise and brilliant simulation modeling
? All new graphics and user interface
? Use your own company logo from camera roll
? Game center leaderboard

You can make your own airline company which can buy airplanes and build routes for passenger and cargo over the 155 world wide cities. When you make a route you can control the schedule, fare, seat design, service level to create more profit. After that, hiring more employees is needed. You can invest for advertisement to pull up company's name value and check the employee's productivity for satisfaction of customers. If you need more money for managing, you can get a loan and pay off from the bank.

? When you have some crash problem,
1. Keep your iOS up-to-date
2. Remove all background apps (Double push Home button & remove background apps)
3. Check available free space is more than 1 Gbyte
4. Power off and on your device(press and hold Home button & sleep/wake button for 3 seconds)


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? When you have any question or opinion about our game, please contact us. Thank you.

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Update to ios 11 please

Its an amazing game BUT UPDATE IT TO IOS 11

Stopped working

This game no longer works with iOS 11 how about instead of releasing new paid versions you keep the versions that people already paid for functional

Just the Meat, no Fat

Perfect for casual gamers looking for tid-bits of entertainment to fill up any interval of time. This game has the core and essential strategy components of an airline business, without the mini-game or unnecessary micro-management of employees, marketing, logistics, etc. One part of the game that NEEDS improvement is the LOAN/M&A screen. When you take out a loan, the interest expense fluctuates because its linked to a changing interest rate. That's not how 99% of business loans work. The interest rate needs to be fixed. Next, the M&A is super basic. I'm not disappointed that the player can't structure the deal as a tax-deferred reorganization, but I am disappointed at the limited ways to take over the company. You can only borrow money from the bank and make an offer. At minimum, there should be an option to use the cash the takeover target company has available (and assets) as a basis for obtaining a higher loan from a bank (leveraged buyout). The bidding company should also be allowed to issue preferred shares or debt securities in order to raise the cash needed to take over the target. The bidding company should also just be able to buy a controlling interest in the target and own it as a subsidiary business. Lastly, in terms of financing, the player should be able to sell common shares, preferred shares, bonds, take out fixed interest rate loans, have a variable interest rate line of credit, and enter into partnership agreements with competing airlines. I think the key to unlocking the fun that's buried in this game is in the financing/M&A tab.

Incredible Game

I love this game!! I play this game on my iPhone and iPad. I can spend hours building my airline.


Play it for hours.


I really love the game.


Love this game!! Just wish there were more plane options, such as B717, B727 or McDonnell choices!!

The Official Dregs

From designing my name and logo to buying out companies, I love this game.


This game is awesome!!!! Five stars!!!

Great game.

I hope their will be a #3