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* Air Tycoon - Realistic management simulation game. It's a full version and free!
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Manage your own airline company in the world.

* New Game 'Air Tycoon Online' is also available now. - Compete with your friends.

* Air Tycoon 2 - Fully upgraded from original one. Dedicated iPad version is also available.

* Enjoy our new game 'Hotel Tycoon 2' - Fully upgraded from original Hotel Tycoon

- Worldwide 67 destinations
- 16 airplane models
- 3 play modes and 4 difficulty levels
- Play with 3~7 AI players
- Precise and brilliant simulation modeling
- Convenient & easy user interface
- Game save and load (including auto save mode)

Are you dreaming of becoming a CEO? Do you want to test your business sense? Do you want to be a tycoon in the blue sky? Here is the way make it come true. Air Tycoon is a genuine and highly addictive simulation game.

You can make your own company which can buy airplanes and build routes over the 62 world wide cities. When you make a route you can control the schedule, fare, service level to create more profit. After that, hiring more employees is needed. You can invest for advertisement to pull up company's name value and check the employee's productivity for satisfaction of customers. If you need more money for managing, you can get a loan and pay off from the bank.

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Can you please Update the Game so I can play it on my IPhone X, I love it and miss playing it.

Please update

The simpleness compared to the newer games makes this one favorable. Would love to be able to play now.

Update please

I loved playing this game and I can’t play it anymore because the software company hasn’t updated it

Please update

This is the best air tycoon game out of the series and they haven’t updated it in six years so it isn’t playable for any new iOS. I’m not asking them to add anything new, but please just make it possible to play this game on iOS11 for all the people that spent money on the game and are no longer able to pay.

PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME!!! Can’t just bail on players!!!

I love the original!!! Have played it for years and I just want it back!!! PLEASE UPDATE IT!!! I give the game 5 stars but the fact the developers abandoned it and all its loyal players zero stars!!!

Please update

I loved this game. My favorite version of this game. Better than the newer version. Please update it.

Nathaniel Alexander

It's fun until you hit the home button to answer a text or anything. Then it loses all of what you've done in that quarter and you have to wait for it to load again..

Air Tycoon Review

Loved the game!!!!!

Fun but...

I love the concept and gameplay. But on day 2 of playing it I beat it (got 10 mil before any other airline) on the hardest mode. It could use more cities and airplanes but any game is increased by more content. I beat the game so I'd need more playing formats to keep playing it.

Latest upgrade

Uggghhh! The latest upgrade messed everything up. Starting a new game loads all of your previous games info When companies go bankrupt they stay in the list. The purchasing of other airlines is all messed up. This was a great game. I like it much better than number 2 actually.