What Happened? – Pocket Big Brother Review

This app used to be great, until the moderator started getting way too opinionated and lazy. I get that the moderator is a fan of the game just like any of us. However, I didn’t download this app to read the strong opinions. I also used to enjoy checking in maybe once or twice a day to see what had happened in the house but no, all I saw this year was either whining and complaining or there’d be times where the update says “Veto ceremony is in 2 days” and for 2 days there were no updates at all. Going as far as to replace a certain players picture with a snake because they didn’t like that player was childish and then accusing production of rigging the whole season was the final straw for me. Sadly, by the looks of it I’m not the only one who feels this way based on other reviews.
Review by Wendellkirk22 on Pocket Big Brother.

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What Happened?

Ok I guess


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