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I use to like this app. Recently whoever updates it with their opinion and it's annoying especially when whoever it is blatantly lies that they didn't vote or push someone to vote for americas favorite when they did last week. Told people who to vote for. If that person wins AFP, then something is wrong. I only use this app to see who won what. Keep the opinions out and it would be much better. Response to developer: I remember you stating to vote for Jason because he deserved it. Oh look. He was in the top 3. Keep your opinions out of the app and you will be fine. Looks like I'm not the only one to have this opinion so instead of attacking everyone about it and trying to make them out to be liars, just fix it. I have recently moved on to other apps because of your opinionated garbage. It was never like this before. I agree with the other review about you changing Paul's picture to a snake. Uncalled for. You call Paul a bully and that's all you were being.
Review by Ichabod079 on Pocket Big Brother.

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Ok I guess


Matt S.D.