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Is it too difficult to get your photos and videos in original quality from your iPhone or iPad? Simply access them from any nearby computer or another iPhone/iPod/iPad using Web Browser without need to install any 3rd party transfer utilities.
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Photo & Video $1.99 Pavel Kanzelsberger iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Access and download all your photos and videos instantly without iTunes syncing and without installing 3rd party transfer utilities

* Simply run WiFi Photo Access on your device and point Web Browser on your computer to displayed address

* One tap download for photos or videoclips (you can also choose to view in current window or view in new window) to another iPhone/iPad or any Mac or PC computer

* Download all videoclips in original and unmodified HD quality (when sending by e-mail all videos are repacked and lose quality, this won't happen with Photo Access)

* View or download all pictures while preserving all metadata and original quality

* Show off your pictures directly from your device without need to sync, e-mail or upload

* Video thumbnails display video size in Mb and duration in seconds

* Application continues to run in the background so you can still access it when you close the app or switch to another app (this time is limited by iOS and you will be notified when you're running out of time)

* Photo Access will prevent auto-lock and screen dim feature so your WiFi connection stays alive until you close the application

* Configurable custom port that Web Server listens on

* Optional privacy to deny access to another persons on same local network (username and password authentication)

* Photo Access requires iOS 4.3+ and works on iPhone, iPod and iPad

* Location Services needs to be enabled for Photo Access to be able to access your media files (this is because photos might contain GPS coordinates). This is an iOS requirement and your GPS location is not being acquired, nor used for any purpose.

* If you have Restrictions turned ON, please make sure to Allow Changes for Location Services at least temporarily on first startup so Photo Access can get access to your Photos library.


Exits without working

I am unable to get this application to function as advertised.

Sidney malkin

Would be nice if the app worked. Thanks jagoffs

need more features..

I can't download several or total media files at once. And each photo is same filename to download.

Crash on iPad 2 & can't save videos

Please fix, ASAP. Would be a great app if it worked

It's ok, but not worth $

"Wifi photo transfer" is free and has more features. This is o.k

Won't work

Crashes when browser tries to connect program ver 1.0x win xp service pack3

Crashes every time

Great idea, but I have yet to get it to work. App crashes as soon as web browser tries to connect.


Great idea, doesn't work at all.

Stop being Paranoid

I had the same crashing problem as everyone else. Other apps warn the user that you need to Enable Location Services so the App can access the Location data stored in the Photos. If you don't the iPhone's security will kill the app as it's trying to access location based information without your concent. All other apps require this in order to work. Just enable it and the app works like a charm.

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