What will my baby look like Mom orDad?:Like Parent Icon
Download What will my baby look like Mom orDad?:Like Parent

What will my baby look like Mom orDad?:Like Parent

How do you look like parent?
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Did you ever wonder who are the most resemble to you, mom or dad?

Like Dad or Mom will help you to answer these question. It can analyse your face and show who look like you the most :)

Like Dad or Mom is really fun for family and show how you like parent.

Notice:- This is prank app and only for Fun.



I want to die. This app is trash. I expected a beautiful rendering of what my future child would like with my best friend and I got STOCK PHOTOS! Are you kidding me? This RUINED my day. Byeeeeeeee DELETED TRASH?????????????

Ha ha stupid game

This game is a total fake no matter what photo you put in it is always the face? This game is worst do not get it is a total waste

Horrible App

don’t waste your storage downloading this app ,, all that pops up is white babies and look nothing like the people you chose to submit. this app needs to be taken down immediately ?


It’s literally just random kid pics. Like it was showing me white kids and we’re an interracial couple.


This app doesn’t work don’t download. It uses the same pictures every time.

Doesn’t work
hot teen101

I put two people in. It says couldn’t process pictures. So then I put my friend who is black with her black bf it came out with the whitest kid I have seen. So stupid

All the same
livy turvanville

It doesn’t work it’s all just the same pictures. But I think I’m dumb for seeing it was a one star and still getting

This app does not work!

I put a pic of myself and baby’s father and clicked child and it creates an error. Clicked girl and boy and still nothing but an error! Rip off!!!

Garbage app. Basically a billboard. Go back to college.
tyler the belliston

Garbage. Doesn’t even show what your baby will look like. Thanks for wasting my time. You’re a bunch of gutless turds!!! Thanks

Mop heads

No instruction and can’t click on child button...

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