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Five Night At House : VR Horror

Five Nights At House will allow you to test your abilities in search of exit from
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a maze!

* Mysterious and intriguing missions in a maze!
* Stunningly atmospheric 3D graphics!
* A goal of the game - is to find a way out and stay alive!

You are waiting for many interesting mysteries, exciting atmosphere and
a lot of horrible rooms which keeps various mysteries and dangers! Solve all the
mysteries and find a way out! But most importantly try to survive in this
mysterious maze!

Download it now and enjoy.



Utter Garbage. It isn’t scary, the movement is too wonky, puzzles are stupid, the voices are annoying, it’s tacky and overall is just not good.

Very terrible (sorry)

I kept running out of battery of the flashlight and the voices were so annoying and it wasn’t even scary and I don’t even get past the first level ;-; Please fix this


It’s really fun


It’s ok. It’s hard to win and he says “I will kill you” like 3 thousand times and it’s really annoying. Make it a bit easier and make him say different things and put at least 5 minute spaces between them and it’ll be good. It’s practically impossible to win and find the code but other than all that it’s... ok I guess...

10 days free

This not the scarring but I hate this I WANT A SCARY GAME!!!!

How do you move?

Does this game require a controller to use? I assume the goal of the game is to find a way out of the room before the flashlight batteries run out, But... I cannot move, tapping the screen does not cause movement nor does looking down. Hmmm..

Can't move even

I can't move even though I have a game pad. Not sure what the problem is but makes this not good

Can't move.

No matter what you can't move around. the graphics are good and the gameplay seems promising.. but you can't move lol

Ummm no moving?!
Malicious Kittie

COULD be amazing if I could move.....

Can't move

Couldn't move and I'm not the only one with that problem



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