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VR Water Park:Water Stunt & Ride For VirtualGlasse

VR Water Park : Water Stunts and Rides is a fun summer, water slide based game.
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This is fun game in which you can enjoy all the amazing rides which are in the real water park.
You can enjoy your ride just like the real experience and fell like the water is all around you and enjoy the thrill of the water
- Lots of different rides to choose from
- Less in size so easy to download and user friendly

Have fun!!!



It missed up my whole phone.☹️???‍♂️

A bug
flipping Sophie

So on slide 14 I was on the slide then when I turned I was under the slide hitting poles and other stuff and now I’m stuck on a pole. Please fix this glitch/ bug

Needs a little work

Everything was good but I have to take my phone out of the vr set to cancel the adds and after the ride ended I had to get my phone out again to pick the next level, there were no lags or glitches but when on the ride it didn’t look real it looked more like a cartoon or sims type texture all in all the game was good

The game

This app is so cool me and my friend were like we love this!❤️

Favorite part
Auntie B 14*

My favorite part was after u get splashed you can see the water dripping off.i love this game??


If you could give no stars I would. This app starts to work but when you press the first slide it takes you to an ad but when that's done it crashes, and repeats that process.

Pretty bad

Didn't even finish the first slide. Your speed is very slow. Someone is yelling the same "Woohoo" sound but every 5 seconds. It glitches out and the camera was below the actually slide. Very buggy. Not enjoyable.

Pretty ok

So, overall the game was pretty good. The graphics are really good except for the water I don't even know what it's supposed to be. But it feels realistic the movements are pretty good and it runs really smooth (for me at least) I just wish the slides were a little longer and more different.

Perfect VR!

Amazingly real with flawless VR...no double vision and smooth graphics. Also very entertaining...the best VR we have tried so far!

15 versions in less than 3 months?!

I should've known. Ive tried to open it 8 times (even powered off my phone to see if that helped). Almost opens then crashes. So there you go.

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