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Motu Patlu Run : Fun Unlimited is all about the unlimited runner game of motu.
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Your task as motu is to run as far as possible and avoid obstacles in between. This game comes with realistic 3D graphics and great environment to run. Doest not require internet connection to play and this motu runner is light weight and easy to use

So Download this game and have fun unlimited



Who would know a game named Motu Patlu would make me find my new anime girl friend and not tho mention the sheer history this game presents when I saw the noose I instantly found myself on the web and learned some great fact 10/10 would recommend

Best Game I’ve Ever Played?

I stumbled across this gem one warm evening in the summer of 2020. I have never deleted this game from my phone since and spend hours upon dedicated hours to this game. I have never gotten bored once. This game got me through the pandemic and even blessed me with the will to live. I came across this game when I was contemplating taking my own life and ever since this game has come into my life, I have never had another thought like that since. Everyday I wake up and think, “time to play Motu Patlu Surfers Runners. It is a joyous time to be alive.” This game gifted me with life, and picked me up in its precious hold in a time when I had no one there for me. This game saved me. I am eternally grateful.

Help ur self
james cena

Your graphics is very bad and try to update it and to the people who download this becareful and when it is a game over it still keeps on going

It’s destroying my life

This game is so perfectly perfect that not even god could not have created this on his own. since I have started playing this masterpiece, I have not gon outside, eaten, or slept. I thought that RDR2,battlefield,gta,etc had great graphics and gameplay. Boy was I wrong. I would certainly not recommend playing during November if you participate in no nut November as even god himself would fail, but December would be the most wonderful time to play. Again, 999999999999999999999999/10

Truly a gift from god

This game only has 5 4 and 3 star ratings and those 4 and 3 stars are truly disrespectful to this game. This should truly be considered the 8th wonder of the world as it is completely mind baffling about how much work and effort game developers have put into the creation of this game. Thank you and god bless you game developers. And Godspeed to you Motu Patlu

Motu and Patlu lover

This game is legendary, i wouldn’t even expect god himself to make such a masterpiece. The controls are super simple and easy to understand, yet once mastered, they’re super fun to play with. The game itself is very submerging and beautiful in its own way, and you feel fully involved into it. It’s very intense and i wouldn’t expect anything less from this technological breakthrough

Thank You

This game is a blessing. When I was a kid, I was ridiculed for liking Motu Patlu, and constantly insulted when I flashed my Motu Patlu merchandise at school- people mocked the ultimate show and so I had to give them what they needed. This necessity was a swift death and a crack on the head. With their mothers weeping, but at the same time thanking me with the looks in their eyes (and giving me massive head XD jk lol) I ended my crusade. Never did I think that a Motu Patlu game would be created for the true warriors of the fanbase, so thank you. Thank you so very much, karisha.

Absolutely gorgeous
Mat skulliton

For a game of this level to reach my inquisitive level of IQ astounds me. You have surpassed my expectations with this brilliant piece of art. I even cried once I played the game for the first 2 minutes. The graphics are truly more impressive than PC games. The choreography was equivalent to that of Infinity War. Seeing the running trains induced adrenaline into me. This game has helped me prevent sauce on the side. It is truly comparable to that of Pokémon GO. In conclusion, I have lived a happy life and I’m ready to die sorrowfully.


I want to shed light onto the uncultured swines who do not know of the Indian anime "Motu Patlu". Motu Patlu is a anime with the characters Motu, Patlu and the citizens of their suburban indian residence. Motu is a thicc boy-o who everybody loves because he is motu. Patlu is motu's sidekick who thinks he is such a smarty pants. Motu saves his town from the villanous John the Dohn. John is a stupid bully who picks on motu using india's own professor jhatika's gadjets against motu. Motu always wins because he is best boy-o. Like in many other animes the characters get different forms and motu patlu is no exception. Motu has many forms some including SUPER DOG MAN MOTU!, Onion Motu, Regular Motu and his final form..... He can only enter his final form when he eats a samosa his favorite snack which he eats on a frequent basis. His final form can sent someone 5x his weight flying into space and coming back down to earth! Motu then saves the day (and patlu from danger) while officer Chingnam arrests him and puts him in his jail called the web since Nobody could escape chingnam's web. In conclusion motu patlu has many elements many modern day animes don't have (I'm looking at you richard and mortimer) heart, an unstoppable duo, character arcs and development and who could forget Anime Betrayals. I give this anime 11 samosas out of 10!

Uncredited Masterpiece
Chodey Banks

Never before have I seen a game, not anything physical in this world that comes even close to comparison to the levels of craftsmanship and precise detailing that have gone into this game. Between the addictive and easy to learn gameplay, that will remind you of old classics such as Asteroid and Pac-Man, to the modern day graphics of The Order, this game truly will put any upcoming triple A titles to the test. I must say that one of if not he best addition to this game would be the immersion. You really do feel like that one guy in that one episode when you play this, absolutely remarkable. I have never given a game 5/5 on the App Store, because none of them deserve it. This one, however, breaks that rule, I will play this game until death takes me, or the creators decide to bless this world with a sequel.



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