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Video Grabby Free - Video Save & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Great app!!!


Best video app!!

Doesnt work


I downloaded this app wishing to grab videos posted on fb. I dont need this app to post my own videos! Change the app description! Deleting now!



Hi download your own Facebook videos, which you can already do without having this app and are already on your phone.



I cannot do anything. And I need a facebook account so this is just garbage!

Worst app ever


I downloaded this app thinking that i’d be able to download videos from any page but it just wont. Also the pop ads in way toooooo much, really annoying. Please do not waste ur time in it.

Only downloads recent Vids


Defeats the purpose if u can’t download older videos. Boooooo

Trying to download older videos


Why on earth would i need to download videos I just uploaded from my own phone recently? Obviously I have those videos on my phone already. I’m trying to save old videos. Why else would anyone want this app?



Soon as it downloads it immediately tries to push other apps onto you. Same whenever you open it, can’t do anything until you reject half dozen app ‘offers’. Deleted after 5 minutes. Don’t waste your time


moreno encantador


Only allows recent videos to be downloaded


When grabbing videos from FB, it only grabs videos from about a year back. Basically useless.