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Video Grabby Free - Video Save & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Did not work


I just download the app and it is continually screen freezing in white screen and i couldn't do any thing with it

Spammy pop ups and ads


You can’t even access the actual app. If there is one. All I get are spammy ads and I can’t even test out the functions of the app to see if it really works. Garbage.



This app used to be great and I payed for it but now doesn’t work Help

How do you delete this


It wont let me n the X isnt popping up when i long hold

Actual garbage


Why would I need to download videos that I put up???

i dont like





Like a previous reviewer, I wanted to download a Facebook video from my page that I uploaded years ago. This app only allows you to download videos from a year ago. Deleted!

Video comments


Doesn’t work for video comments.

Requires Facebook account.


I hate Facebook. Just have that. I want to download my videos onto my iPad, but can’t without a Facebook account.

Spapp = (spam disguised as an APP)

Xiuhan is real

This is the worst app I have ever downloaded it ridden with spam every step of the way no matter what you do it hits you with unrelenting pop ups it's beyond annoying.