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Video Grabby Free - Video Save & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Pop ups galore! Useless!

Don't like scam

Pop ups after pop ups. Useless.



Easy and fast

Use it a lot!


I've used this for 5 different projects now and it's always my go-to. Must have for iPhone editors.

Pretty good but could be improved


I'm pleased to have found this app because I've been struggling to get my personal videos from Facebook back to my iPad so that i can get them converted to DVD. This is the first app after many that does that. I'm a little disappointed because there are some older videos on my Facebook that for some reason will not show up in this app, so I'm hoping some day this can be updated to access those. I have a pet that passed away and i am trying to gather all of my videos of them so that they aren't lost. Also, the ads at obnoxious & distracting. I would definitely pay $2.00 to $4.00 for this app if it was available without all of the ads.

Great for screen capturing videos of websites


Great app works great to record website instructional videos.


Kazi Labu

This apps can't fulfill my aspect, after rate and review I hope it will be can, for iPhone if it will free I think it's will be great apps.

Very good!


The app downloads all my videos very easily.

Absolutely Trash!!!!!!


I can't download anything thing with this crap ... this should be removed from the App Store!!!😤

'Request Free Upgrade

نزيه ابونايف

'Request Free Upgrade

This app has helped me TONS!


Once you get used to how to use it, this app becomes a lifesaver for anyone needing a video from Facebook or YouTube, or anywhere else on the internet. It's a must have for sure!