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Video Grabby Free - Video Save & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Deleted ✌🏽


Confusing app & to many dumb ads which makes it useless...

I'm mad

Crazy Trixie

So I was making a movie about pennywise chasing me and my friend and I needed to get a YouTube vid for the movie you said you can put YouTube vids in you photos but IT WAS NOTHING LIKE WHAT U SAID😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



Will not open



Wish if is there less than a 1 star

No trust


Asking for accounts and intrusive ads.

To many adds


After trying for 10 minutes looking through my phone the video I uploaded onto my Facebook did not download. Tried three times and nothing. App says it was downloading but if it did I can’t find it. Also every single time I go into ANYTHING on the app an ad pops up.....

Don't get if you don't have Facebook


I don't have Facebook, so I was like "hm I'll make a fake account" I used my both of my emails and it said incorrect email. I spent like an hour just trying to see if I made spelling mistakes. NOPE. Everything was right but it still said incorrect email. It could've said I'm sorry your underage. BUT WRONG AGAIN. People w/ Facebook good job, you may get this app. But others don't you'll waste time making an account.



Muy bueno, recomendado!

What happened to YouTube converter

yung kurmatt

Why would I want videos from Facebook

Does not download from youtube


Despite the fact that it lists that it is a youtube downloader Does download from your Facebook account/profile though.