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Sync Solver - Health to Fitbit

By popular demand, now you can sync all you data from Apple Health to Fitbit.
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Health & Fitness $4.99 James McAndrew iPhone, iPod

*** Important *** Fitbit has decided to not allow steps from third-party apps to count towards challenges. If you want to log steps from your iPhone and participate in challenges, we recommend using Mobile Track.

Data types supported:
- Steps
- Weight
- Body Fat Percentage
- Sleep Analysis
- Water

- Data granularity on steps is limited to once per hour due to Fitbit API limitations.


Not syncing at all??

I downloaded the other sync solver for FB ➡️ health and was really happy with it and the only thing that I was frustrated with was that I’d have to enter my water intake into my phone app and then Fitbit as well. So I downloaded this app. I went to set it up and... nothing. I deleted the app and tried again. I messed with all the settings I could think of and still nada. I had no trouble with the other app so I just don’t know what to do. Anyway, I wish I hadn’t paid for this.

Sort of works but doesn’t sync automatically. Step counts totally wrong

Despite what the app claims, it does not sync to Fitbit automatically. You have to manually sync it. Update: the step counts transferred to Fitbit are wildly inaccurate. In a day where I have 5,000 steps worth of activity, only 1200 steps would sync to the Fitbit. This may be due to me having both an Apple Watch and motion tracking on the phone, but regardless of the limitations the app has to deal with, it doesn’t do the things it claims to well enough to justify using it. The fact of the matter is that with the way things are between Apple and Fitbit at the moment, you have to pick one or the other. This app is a bandaid at best and comes with sufficient compromises that it is not worth using, despite the admirable efforts by the developer

Dnt bother buying this app

Worse app I have ever used and they are not helpful in trying to fix the problem.


Advertises to sync Steps from Apple Health to Fitbit but does not work.


It’s sending gibberish to my Fitbit app from the Motiv ring and health app on my iPhone X. Nothing matches. Nothing is consistent enough to understand even its limitations. Support gets you a link to their caveat page. This is not ready for prime time and a waste of $$$

Apple Watch Users:

If you want to import your Apple Watch Data to the Fitbit App, this app writes data, but very inaccurately. This is mostly the Fitbit App’s fault though. Most importantly the Fitbit app will not let you use the data collected from your Apple Watch for competitions and other various activities- which is probably why you want to import into the Fitbit app in the first place. I don’t recommend this app but not at it’s developers fault.

Doesn’t work

This did not sync the accurate steps from the health app.


Wasted my cash to sync my Apple Watch to my Fitbit app...even with all the tech, and it’s misleading to say it does!

Don’t waste your money

Even if this was free, I would still be disappointed. It in no way does what it claims and syncs my iwatch with fitbit. Booooooooo!!!!!!

This app is CRAP! Don’t bother!

This app hardly worked for the first two weeks, then after the two weeks it doesn’t work AT ALL! Don’t waste your time or your money. It doesn’t work! And I want my money back! This is a scam!