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Sync Solver - Health to Fitbit

By popular demand, now you can sync all you data from Apple Health to Fitbit.
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Health & Fitness $4.99 James McAndrew iPhone, iPod

*** Important *** Fitbit has decided to not allow steps from third-party apps to count towards challenges. If you want to log steps from your iPhone and participate in challenges, we recommend using Mobile Track.

Data types supported:
- Steps
- Weight
- Body Fat Percentage
- Sleep Analysis
- Water

- Data granularity on steps is limited to once per hour due to Fitbit API limitations.


"Nothing to sync"

It says the "last data point" was several days ago, despite its source (Apple Watch) still recording nearly up-to-the-second information. I shouldn't have to delete and reinstall every time it stops being able to read Health data. And yes, deleting and re-installing does seem to fix the issue. The app should have some way of clearing its internal data/cache/settings. After a reinstall the app will re-request Health access and Fitbit account access, and syncing will suddenly work again. Why can't I manually trigger that from within the app?

Don’t get

Waste of money. Never synced

Mobile track will connect your iPhone to Fitbit, making this app unnecessary

I am an Apple Watch user who wanted the Fitbit app to compete in pointless competition with my internet friends. A google search told me that I needed this app in order for my iPhone to talk to Fitbit. This is not true. When you set up the Fitbit app, choose “I don’t yet have a device” and the select the “mobile track” option. This enables a connection between the app and the health data collected by your phone—and only your phone. So far as I can tell, nothing, including this app, will result in the step recorded on your Apple Watch syncing with FitBit. Spend your $3 on a latte or put it in a 401k.

Don’t get longer works to sync

Does not help you sync anymore from Apple Watch to Fit Bit for challenges :-(

Avoid. Doesn’t work. No support.

Confusing. Three apps all look exactly alike. Same name. No instructions. No support. Doesn’t work. I want my money back.

Good but

It isn't syncing steps the same.For example,if I take 3000 steps with Jawbone UP then sync it,the fitbit app will only say 2000.

Doesn't sync Apple watch

My steps from Apple watch do not sync to Fitbit!!

App Don’t Work

I wish I could give -0 this app don’t work and the support button on the app does nothing, no way to reach the developer he’s just collecting FREE money with no support or no way to be reached..... pure sad ... I’m reaching out to Apple this app needs to be pulled off market 😡😡😡

Should be free

This sync app should be free because it is so limited. Sure, this is an outcome of the fit bit policy but unless you read all these reviews carefully you are likely to be disappointed with the app at large. Your steps will not be counted as steps in fit bit. Rather, they will be counted as activity. Stair flights are not synchronized. Sleep details are limited. And worst of all because of limitations in the number of uploads allowed by fit bit per hour you are going to be hugely disappointed if you thought you were going to synchronize more than a few days of data. The app offers to synchronize back years but doesn’t bother to tell you that you will likely destroy your screen with screen burn waiting the 70 hours it may take to complete. It isn’t until you get into the support details that you discover all of these limitations imposed by the fit bit website. By contrast the other rap that synchronizes fit bit data to the Apple health app is phenomenal and highly recommended.

No heart rate to fitbit

I read the reviews and thought I would use this to get my heart rate into fitbit. I was ok with not using getting the steps in the challenges. But after looking at the instructions there was clearly a place to allow heart rate!!! After I purchase and go through troubleshooting steps I find out I’m accepting the heart rate in ANTICIPATION of this app being allowed to work with Fitbit that way. I want my money back. At this point I feel like the developer owes us money. There’s no need. This does the same thing my fitnesspal does. Save your money. Trust the reviews.