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Are you ready to go on a top secret mission? The city's crime rate increasing day by day and the security forces are forced to intervene in this situation.
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The former special forces soldier John, it's going to work to ensure the safety of the city. Intelligence agents involved offenders who decipher between the civilian population with a photograph of the offender.

Without harming civilians, you need to give consideration to criminal penalties. Please note that this is a secret mission, you should not decipher for yourself camouflaged.


Worst game ever!
Pam Schmith

No game play instructions, no hints or mission specs. Not one idea wjat you are expected to do or even how to do it. Complete waste of time and not worth downloading! Keep scrolling!

The game
danny boy cristshin

I love this game upset that I doesn’t have a scope on the gun...




Realy good game

This game could be better

There is WAY too glitchy. For instance when you shoot a zombie it goes THROUGH THE ZOMBIE. Plus way too many ads

King Wolfy 2004

This game is ok but it is repetitive. You play over the same missions after mission 18! They need to add more levels and more challenges. Also when you play zombie it glitches and says you beat the mission you trying to get money for. The way you get to play missions is to upgrade your gun. The missions (mostly) don’t give you enough money to upgrade your gun! Don’t get me wrong it is still fun to play but the people who made this game need to fix this problem.


It only has ten tasks that you do then it rotates through them Don’t get this game

I like this app I get to shoot peoples ass??

Thanks for the app

Addicting, but...

This game is super fun it’s always fun to shoot someone. Zombie mode is fun, but sometimes confusing I wish it would show the picture of the target especially. But why would it be ok if players who played a long time not see the picture. Well I’m on level 113 and each level is the same person you hunt down, but only the damage increases, so you know who your hunting. Why have I not talked about adds. Well just turn on airplane mode.

More Gamemodes
more gamemodes

Need to ad more game mode and maybey have better grafics and different challenges in the missions instead of just killing one person but others wise it’s a fun game

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