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Superheroes vs Robots Fighting

Fight for your life with different robot rivals, perform interesting martial arts and super blows, and have fun with Superheroes vs Robots City Rescue Fighting!
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The giant robots attack! Stop their invasion with your own superhero team! Giant transforming bots came to the Earth from the other side of the Moon! They’ve already destroyed the half of US cities, and your superhero squad is the only hope of whole mankind!

Green Mutant Hero, famous urban Spiderhero, billionaire Ironhero, even ex villain Wulture Man – all of them are ready to face the enemy and defend the future! Avenge the enemies of humanity and have fun with Superheroes vs Robots City Rescue Fighting!

Be careful – these war machines not only can change their shape into the different vehicles like modern sports motorbike, sports muscle car, heavy truck or vintage locomotive! They also can use different punches and strikes from martial arts like karate, judo, kung fu, Muaythai, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and others! Be brave, bold and strong, and know no mercy!

Check different game modes like stair mode, where you will have an infinite series of fights with different robots; and training mode, where you should battle at the random location with the random enemy to the death!

Earn points for each smashed opponent and use it to unlock new fighters, locations, battle actions or even game modes! Upgrade your hero’ skills or robot’s frame - increase might of your fists or armor to reduce incoming damage, boost up other characteristics and show who’s the strongest fighter here!

Superheroes vs Robots City Rescue Fighting features:

Comic book heroes fighting action game
Cruel Transforming bots as your opponents
Different fighting backgrounds for your pleasure
Wide arsenal of different punches, kicks, and knockouts


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