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Prisoner Sticky Man Jail Break

Escape the jail successfully being a cunning stick man guy in Prisoner Sticky Man Jail Break game! Guards and cops are going to stop you by any means – they even asked the other imprisoned guys to help them, so RUN! Grab every object on your way – it might become your weapon, so don’t be too much scare and stay alive as long as you can!
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The main goal is to escape, of course! Something is really strange here, ‘cause you can’t remember any bad things you did! It’s so unfair to lock you, just a simple stick man guy, in this cursed place! Run and fight – your powerful rivals are everywhere and you are not able to prove your innocence! So rush and be ready to protect yourself!

Defeat every guard, cop or the other stick man prisoner on your way, loot them all and you’ll find some jail coins. Use them to power your characteristics up and leave this gloomy stick man prison successfully! Find interesting weapons or create your own one from a different material, protect yourself from the enemies’ attacks and just have fun playing Prisoner Sticky Man Jail Break!

They’re all against you! Check the minimap to prevent some really bad situations and sudden attacks, be careful and attentive, ‘cause you should be ready to do everything to escape! Of course, the guards won’t be happy with your escaping decision, so don’t let them stop you – fight!

Prisoner Sticky Man Jail Break features:
• Dark prison stick man escape
• Stunning rivals (including guards, cops, and prisoners)
• Wide range of fascinating weapons
• Colorful surroundings made in 3D

Check your stick man’s skills trying to escape the Prisoner Sticky Man Jail Break game and just enjoy!


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