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Dog Life - Pitbull Sim

Become a pitbull trying to live on the streets of the big city! Explore the city streets for food and beware the other dog who might not like you sniffing around! Get some food and grow up! You will be able to upgrade your characteristics and face more and more dangerous enemies! Find some friendly dogs and create a dog gang! You can even create a family and have some puppies to take care of!
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Games Free Kseniya Vazilyuk iPhone, iPad, iPod

Dog Life - Pitbull Sim features:
• Numerous skins for your dog customization
• A big city to explore
• Dangerous enemies and trustworthy allies
• Your own doghouse to live and a chance to build a family

Still wondering how would it feel to be a pitbull dog? Download this amazing Dog Life - Pitbull Sim game and start your urban adventure!



This game is terrible. The quality is bad, what kind of dog randomly attack another dog!? Pitbulls a cute dogs and this game should be ashamed of itself. The owner of this game should recreate it and I will never forgive this game. I have a pitbull that is a cute a chubby dog. My pitbull in seeing this game in pov: this game is BAD. That is what my dog would say in his mind if he saw this terrifying game.


Pls ready this make a Rottweiler one I love them love this game to


Can not feed them

Great Game!

Very fun and very realistic! Great sim, 10/10 recommend!

Worst game i have ever played

This is a stupid game that is offensive to pitbulls i have a pitbull and she is very sweet and loving this game is crap and should be deleted it should have never been made shame on its creator

Great game

This is a really good game But I don’t know how to feed the pups I like how u can change ur dogs skins and make a pack I would give five stars but I at because I can’t figure out how too feed the pups It’s a wonderful game though please fix this on problem

Pretty good game

!!Please read if you’re considering getting this app!! So I got this a couple of days ago and have been playing it throughout my day when I get home from school. I thought this game was amazing at first but it kinda went downhill a little ,each and every time I played. -Now, if the developer(s) are/is reading this here’s a note for you!-* Anyway , so , where was I? Ah yes! It seemed very fun at first and I wanted to keep playing all day but suddenly went downhill- heres why: #1:the skins are WAY overpriced,I had saved up 50 coins but the cheapest skin was 400 coins so I figured I would stay and save up,but I couldn’t. I was stuck at 50 coins. Anyway here’s number two... #2:every place and anywhere you go,every dog in the map chases, I get the concept but every time they come on the screen,they chase you, and it doesn’t matter how close or far you are,they just chase you. That’s all that I can think of! Thanks for reading and you are as perfect as it gets.have a wonderful day /night *rly good game but needs improvement and a couple of updates!! Thanks! Have a nice day!


This is the best dog simulator I have played. Other people hate it but the dogs don’t attack the people in the game. Pitbull’s are the best dogs.


I though a game like this will never be made, I have a female pit bull, THANKS FOR MAKING THIS <3 <3 The quality of the game is amazing. Wish you the best

Not cool
samsons mom

This is not ok. These dogs get a bad rap as it is. They are loving dogs not fighting dogs. Which is illegal to fight dogs.

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