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Are you dreaming about leaving the Earth and colonizing the other interesting planet! It’s you chance! Download our new fantastic My Offworld Colony Tycoon game right here and right now and have a large space journey with your own interesting purpose – to colonize the Mars, huge red planet! Search for resources for the future inhabitants, build different stations and shelters and have fun!
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It’s not that easy to be a first person trying to colonize the Mars, but you can do this really well, we’re sure! Become the most successive Mars colonist ever! Enjoy this awesome planet with all these hidden resources, place interesting objects to make this planet really good for living and just enjoy your limitless possibilities!

You are here, at this fantastic planet with specific atmosphere, you’re all alone but the other colonists are almost here too! You should be prepared to any accident or unexpected circumstances, so do your best to show them all that you’re really responsible! Search for the interesting places filled with inevitable resources and let this planet work for you! Play My Offworld Colony Tycoon game and have fun!

Quarry water, food, try to create great irrigation system, ‘cause this planet must be prepared for the human beings! Earn as much money as possible collecting different types of resources and unlock new interesting buildings which can help you to make this planet really comfortable for living!

My Offworld Colony Tycoon features:
• Nice chance to colonize the Mars even without leaving your room
• Gather inevitable resources and construct special buildings
• Dip into really adventurous atmosphere of the another planet
• Enjoy colorful graphics and interesting gameplay

Cosmic adventures have never been so close! Become the bravest astronaut ever trying to colonize this large inhospitable red planet – Mars! Gather resources, build different interesting resource-producing rigs to ease your colonization and just have fun playing our new fantastic My Offworld Colony Tycoon game!


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