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Keep track of your expenses and stay productive on the go. Large and small businesses can easily track business travel and manage expense reports anytime - from anywhere - with Concur.
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Business Free Concur iPhone, iPad, iPod

*This app is a companion to Concur’s solutions for existing users*

Extend the benefits of Concur's business travel and expense reporting solution to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while you're on the go! Simply download now and create your mobile PIN to enjoy all the functionality associated with the Concur solution you already use.

With Concur's mobile app, say goodbye to shuffling paper receipts. No more struggling to remember how much you paid in cab fare. Now, all of your receipts and expense charges are gathered and ready for an expense report when you get home.

Manage and track business expenses and receipts
*Import data from credit cards
*Photograph receipts and edit expenses in Airplane mode or when connected
*Capture a receipt or create a Quick Expense in "airplane" mode
*Keep track of receipts using our Receipt Store
*Approve expense reports
*Submit expense reports
*Itemize hotel charges
*Add event and meeting attendees
*Approve Travel Request

Manage and track business travel
*Book airfare, hotels and more
*A brand new hotel booking experience
*See customized hotel suggestions
*Manage your itinerary
*Integrate with TripIt and TripIt Pro

Take a Test Drive
*Demo key features Concur has to offer
*Use preloaded sample receipts and reports
*NOTE: Do not use Test Drive for actual expense capture and reporting


ExpenseIt Has Ruined This App

I loved this app - it made my expense reporting easy. ExpenseIt is useless- I had to make so many changes to the information the Optical Character Recognition software created, I might as well have done it manually to begin with. You cannot itemize a receipt. I will be deleting this app, which is a shame.

App is crap

App turns off mid ride. Sometimes alerts me as if it’s tracking trip and when I get to my destination, my trip isn’t registered. I’ve lost lots of expenses because of tracking.

Password reset Hell

Seems a new version of app triggered a password prompt. It went downhill from there.

When it works...

Been using the app for a while but it’s glitchy. Tried to upload today but it says there is a network connection error. Deleted the app and reinstalled. Same problem. Don’t recommend Concur but have to use it. And this app should have made things easier.

Won’t let me sign in

After update kept logging me out. Now it keeps saying wrong password when I’ve already reset it multiple times, even tried re-downloading. Nothing works

Convenient until you lose everything

I found out today that it is way too easy to accidentally delete all expenses after a week of travel. I selected all my entered expenses with the intent of doing the “move to report” action. My finger instead brushed the word Delete, and boom there goes everything. No prompt to confirm delete. No way to undelete. No recovery offered by tech-support. Gone forever. Very frustrating.

Latest Upgrade crashes App

The App was good, but after the last upgrade four days ago the App will not open... please FIX IT! Apparently several others are having the same issue.

Can't log-in

Looked this up "We don't recognize the information entered" online and apparently it's affecting a lot of people. The solution is to contact support or your companies Concur support contact. That doesn't really fix the bug though. I've tried setting a pin, deleting local app data, deleting the app, and resetting my password but nothing has worked. Have a feeling it has to do with the mobile application being configured on my Concur account but that was done on another phone. Assuming they use some type of hardware key or oauth flow to whitelist a specific device to your account, this might be the root cause of the issue since I'm trying on a new phone.

Expense Report Made Easy!!!

It Use to Absolutely make weekly Expense Reports a breeze! BUT NOW I'm messing up last few reports due to Changes in View of the Report/Expences on the APP! It no longer shows BOTH the Reciept Icon & The CC Icon under the $dollar Amount of the expense view! If I post a receipt waiting or CC Charge arrives to associate with Expence, when I do it FAILS to show both CC Charge Icon & Reciept Icon under the Dollar Amount In Expense View & I’ve missed several and decovered after submitting the report for Approval! I have to NOW CHECH EACH & EVERY EXPENSE by taping each on to physically see that both the receipt and the credit card charge are associated with each individual expense, very time consuming, and I have missed several expenses where I did not associate the credit card because it doesn’t show that with the receipt icon under the Amount as in the past!!! It use to work well with credit cards charges but now very time consuming to do a expense report! PLEASE FIX THIS BACK to original way to save TIME & having to correct Reports!

Can’t log in
J dudd

I keep getting “We don’t recognize the information entered. Please re-enter your username and password.” when I try to log in. I know I have the right login info because I had never changed. Please fix.