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UMW HSSE Application
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Productivity Free MAGICX SDN. BHD. iPhone, iPad, iPod

To reduce the numbers of occupational hazards that might lead to serious injuries and to create a positive HSE culture. Everyday workers are exposed to occupational hazards while carrying out their work. The safety of an organization is the responsibility of not just an individual, but it involves all parties in an organization. Through this application, it promotes the We Care culture where everyone contributes to the safety of their workplace.

UMW HSSE Application also will be one of the inputs to analytic where the data gathered can be used in planning and executing the preventive actions that required to ensure the safety at the workplace.

UMW HSSE Application provides an on the go tool to capture health and safety data to ensure compliance and to improve on-site safety. It is an extension for capturing the data apart from existing Upstream HSE Online system.

This application consist of nine features for user to have an easy access to UMW HSSE portal
1) QR Access
2) HSE Attendance
3) My Task
4) Notification
5) M Training
6) My Committee
7) Document
8) Safety Report
9) Feedback


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