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PuzzleManiak is a collection of 24 puzzle games: Sudoku, Pattern (Picross like), Bridges, Dominosa, Filling, Galaxies, Loopy, LightUp, Mines, Net, Rectangles, Slant, Tents, Unequal, Untangle, Blackbox, SameGame, Pegs, Mastermind, Map, Magnets, Singles, Range and Netslide (the last 4 are totally new ones).
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Games $0.99 Alexandre Minard iPhone, iPad, iPod

All games are generated on-the-fly with a unique solution, thus you’ll never play the same puzzle twice.

All games offer multiple levels from easy to hard.

Statistics are maintained for each game, and each level of difficulty.

For each game, a daily challenge is available: in this mode, everyday, all players play the same puzzle and compare their scores with other players.

Another online mode is available: the Online League. After any (local) game, you can submit it to the website, so that every other players can play it and thus you can compare your scores to other ones. An overall ranking is available, and ranking are also available for each game.


PS : Former players, please contact us: [email protected]


Paid for original version years ago

Now the new version requires additional payment to play against others? I already paid.


I can't stop playing bridges. Oddly the counter for games won and lost don’t work properly. I win every game but it says I’ve lost over 300. Oh well i like it anyway.

Great games but network error for online

I like the games but can't play any of the daily ranked or update the online name due to a network error :(

Fantastic App, but the crashes spoil it

One of the best game apps. Biggest problem is the continuing crashing especially when in a timed Web game. Having to cycle the wake button before reentering the game kills the point of playing against the clock, when it occurs 3 or more times in a single game.

Subway savior
the real cwren

Nice collection of spatial logic puzzles. Thanks.

I'm sorry....

not my favorite.

Love it!

Thank you for bringing my favorite collection of games to the iPhone.

Great app

Totally worth the money. The games are challenging, and the player challenges have you competing for the best time.

One of the best game values in the store

This is a terrific collection of puzzles, at a very reasonable price given the number of puzzles you get. I love the variety. Minor issues: on "Guess", it is not easy to grab those little dots and move them; and there are a few (i.e. bridges) where it seems like you have to "undo" your steps in the order you took them when it would be much easier if you could just double-click (or some such) where you want to make a change and have it do it. Minor things, though -- again, this is a GREAT value!

This new version blows

This ugly green version breaks necessary features that were in the previous version. It makes it much more dificult to begin the correct game. It makes it impossible to complete 2 of the games. The user interface has regressed in usability. The one upgrade is that the Bridges game is more responsive. After spending money on this app and using it every single day I would have appreciated usage enhancements, not a regression making it half as enjoyable. Just keep using the Lite versions until this version is fixed. You're not gaining anything but a headache by spending money on this version until it is fixed.