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Battleship for kids

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Games $1.99 Alexandre Minard iPhone, iPad, iPod

Enemy warships have been detected in our waters, it is a declaration of war.
We must respond quickly… load the guns, aim ... shoot

For young children or not, battleship is a classic logical game.
Choose a box, and fire!
Computer will do the same, or another human player in a network game (via the Game Center).
The first to have sunk all the boats of his opponent will win.

Captain, we lost our aircraft carrier…

2 grid sizes 10x10 (classical) and 5x5 (quick game) will allow everybody to play easily.
You can also play against an human player in a network game (via the Game Center).

This game is part of your "Learning is fun" educational game collection.
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Not great

The animations take too much time, watching them gets tedious pretty quickly. The computer player is really dumb. After it hit one square of my last remaining ship it kept targeting random squares all over the board instead of targeting adjacent squares.

Battleship for kids

Game is too slow .. you push a button and then you wait a long time between shots.. NOT WORTH playing... It takes the fun away.... Wish I had not purchased it....