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You are lost in space and nobody can hear you scream, but fortunately you have a SUPER GAGDET that INVERTS GRAVITY to help you solve the puzzle and escape the space ship alive!
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Games Free Alexandre Minard iPhone, iPad, iPod

Navigate the levels by using gravity, walls, rolling carpets, portals, and propellers while avoiding lasers!

Are you ready for the LIGHTSPEED mode?
Your suit is as fast as the light, managing it is very very hard.
Will you manage that speed?
Unlock this super fast game mode by getting the special LightSpeed suit.

Unlock Special Modes by Winning Stars :
- dark mode
- emergency mode (with limited time)
- and the big levels...

Want to CHANGE your SUIT SPACE? Use your gravity coins to buy new space suits for some very very very exotic looks.

Come experience the weightlessness of space!


Fun to play

Thank you for this game to exist it is calming, relaxing and most of all fun to play!


Fun and simple puzzle games and plenty of levels.

Sticking to walls

Bug in today’s released levels that has our man sticking to walls. Fix it and five stars are yours

I really do love the game except...

When the new Lightspeed update came out I feel like everything was a little bit expensive considering you only get 30 coins per level. I’ve also bought a skin before his update and I didn’t get my coins back(since the skins I bought aren't there anymore, and for some reason I don’t have my daily skins unlocked even though it says I have. I feel like you guys should either raise the coins you get per level or lower the prices of the skins. Thank you for your time.

Great game but can you fix the suits?

I unlocked one of the suits through the silt rewards but I still can’t access it.

New update

The light speed update is terrible I had all the skin unlocked and then the update comes gets rid plus they added micro transactions so it’s not even good any more plus you have to buy the light speed skin to play the new mode

Enjoyed the game...until this update

I was really enjoying this game — as we’re both my kids — until this latest update. We all earned the yellow emoji suit from a daily reward, and paid whatever credits it cost to fully unlock it. Then, suddenly we couldn’t equip it. No big deal, I figured the devs would fix that eventually. Imagine my surprise today when I jump in to play a few rounds when I notice that not only could I still not equip the suit, but that it was asking me to pay for it again! And, to add insult to injury, the price increased! I’d like to believe this is all a mistake, but something brings especially scummy about this whole ordeal. One star until it’s fixed!

New Favorite Game
rob bob 2000

This game started out fun but then it got addictive and I completed all the levels I can’t understand why this game is so amazing

Pure example of a cash grab

So, the ratio of money you made and the money you need to buy suits was already steep, but now, they expect us to either pay money or watch ads? 250k is literally impossible even if you 3 star EVERY LEVEL!!!! No skill involved to unlock new suits. In conclusion, decent game, greedy developers. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Lost all my suits, crashes

When the new “light speed” update came along I lost all of the suits I purchased including the daily rewards suits. When I tried to collect the alien suit today, my game crashed every time I clicked collect. Still a good game however, just need those things fixed.

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