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Learning tables is fun for iPad

Kids from 4 to 10 will have fun learning additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions tables (up to 10) with this game.
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Additions are free; subtractions, multiplications and divisions can be bought inside the application (in one bundle).

With nice graphics and relaxing background music, this game will entertain your kids while he's learning math.

This game is part of our "Learning is fun" collection of educational games, visit our website to get more info.

This game is part of our collection of educative games "Learning is fun". Visit our website for more info: http://ar-entertainment.net/learning/ipad.html


I hate this game

This game is horrible it only unlocks plus then u have to buy subtraction and multiplication and division and they each cost $1.99 so you would spend $6.00 just to know your table DON'T GET THIS GAME I HATE IT AND SO WILL ALL OF YOU UNLESS U LIKE WAISTING MONEY (I DON'T)

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