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Download Nevertales: Shattered Image HD - A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure (Full)

Nevertales: Shattered Image HD - A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure (Full)

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Games $6.99 Big Fish Games, Inc iPad

A mysterious mirror-hopping monster has taken your daughter and now the entire world is splitting apart at the seams! The solution is in your hands – just turn the page…

Your daughter Alice has a special talent—she can use mirrors to seek out distant worlds and hidden realms.

When a shadowy creature suddenly appears through one of the portals and kidnaps Alice, your world begins to shatter! You must travel into Book-worlds to save your daughter and your world!

Travel through fantastical locations, find old friends and encounter new ones, solve ancient mysteries and puzzles, and search for useful items within hidden object scenes as you seek out a way to rescue your child.

Earn achievements and find hidden collectibles scattered through various locations! Plus, enjoy exclusive extras such as replayable mini-games, wallpapers, and concept art!

*This game is best experienced on iOS 7.0 and up.*

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Loves GSD's

I really enjoyed this one. Nice to spend time without so much blood and gore!

Well Done!

Just purchased Nevertales 2 even tho I've not played the first one nor is there a trial version for this one yet. The art work one can see in the background of the photos on the App Store drew me in plus the $4.99 sale price. It is, indeed, a beautiful game with crisp detail and a wonderful muted pastel color palette. At the beginning of the second part of Nevertales the mini puzzles seem too easy so hopefully they will progress in difficulty further in the game. The few HOs I've run across are unique which is great because I hate HOs! Too many games creators use them as filler instead of putting enough effort into the storyline or more interesting puzzles. Even having not played the first Nevertales one doesn't get lost by the story as the references to that version are clearly explained. Loving this game and highly recommend it!

Nevertales 2 - as good as the first!

If you enjoyed the first Nevertales you will enjoy this one also. Each game also is a stand alone story. Part two picks up 12 years later and the baby has grown up and been kidnapped through the mirror. Once again you dive through portals into books to save her. Gears makes an appearance. The only off thing is you have to hit menu to get to the diary and map, however map is transporting and interactive and inventory labeled.

Not impressed

Have to hit hint button more than I think is necessary. Not worth the money.

Irritating & a scam
Really? All the names taken?

When trying to collect the puzzle pieces and "treasures" in order to play the hidden chapters, they won't let you go back to ANY areas to collect what you may have missed. I played this suckful game three times to collect them all. On the final piece it, I saw it there, but the final scene with the witch starts immediately. I figured I could grab the piece as soon as the witch was defeated. Wrong! It rolls the credits immediately. Therefore I couldn't play the hidden chapters. I definitely don't want top lay this lame game again. Don't waste your money or time.

Great game.

Loved the first one and the second one doesn't disappoint. Thanks for these great games. So fun.

Fantastic Game!!!!

Love it so far - Great hidden object scenes that are unique and challenging. Very interesting storyline, map and just put together so well! Great flow to the game and definitely holds ones interest. Mad Head games always comes out with great games that are fun and well done. Thank You Big Fish - Your really on a roll now. KdBoots


Beautiful graphics, fun to play! I haven't had any issues with it. I just love it! A little wary since there was no free trial period, but I'm so glad I took the risk! Highly recommend 😻

Once again, perfect game!

I love the Nevertales series. Great gameplay, graphics and lots of extras. Well worth the price! Can't wait for the next installment.

Meh..too easy 😴

Yes, this starts out as a fun game. And has a good storyline with some creative angles. .....BUT..... After a while, it gets repetitive. Like the scenes are re-used. There is no need for the map since all interactive play occurs within 2-3 scenes before completing them and moving onto the next 2-3 scenes. There is absolutely no challenge to this game whatsoever. Just tap around, find an object, and be assured you'll use that object in the same scene or the immediate next one. Yes...its that simple. So if you like easy HOGs...then great. But I prefer some challenge and creative thinking