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Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles

Stop crushing & start squishing! Match your way around this candy world! LET’S GO GUMMY! ®
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Travel WHEREVER and WHENEVER you want! From Sydney to Tokyo, San Francisco, New York City, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, New Orleans, Barcelona, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Seoul, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, St. Petersburg, Mexico City, Cape Town, Budapest, Tahiti, and more coming soon!

• Play over 7200 gummified levels across 20 world cities – MORE levels than any other Match-3 game!
• Travel to any city, anytime! Earn travel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice.
• Exciting Achievements! See your accomplishments in your Passport.
• Unique boosts! Including Shuffle, Lightning, Shovel, and more!
• Huge rewards! Score in-game items just for playing.
• Daily Events! Collect sweet bursts of resources and rewards.

Better than Candy Crush (5 STARS)
Love the way the game travels around the world.

Finally a Straight Up Game Experience (5 STARS)
This is an amazing game that is what it says - FREE. You can keep playing a challenging de-stressor without any bait and switch. Love It!!!!!!!!

Fun game (5 STARS)
This game starts easily and increases in difficulty as you get better. Fun to watch the cities grow as you add details.

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Educational and fun!

I love how this game incorporates snippets of history and facts! The game itself is fun, I’ve been playing for years and love when the creators add something new. I also like the one off games to earn extra prizes. I have spent money to keep going when I can’t pass a level, but none are so difficult that you have to - I’m just impatient ?. All around, the creators put a lot of thought in to this app and this is a great game for all ages....and it’s free!

I love this game

My challenge was to get to 365 days lol but I only got to 100+ still I’m very satisfied with this game. I love that you only have 3 chances to do what you need to do (free app) and this game REALLY is NOT a money grabber like lots out there, I look forward every day to break my record ?

Option to turn off annoying graphics

I’ve been playing for years but find the graphics like the creepy looking girl a bit tiresome. Took one star away because I’d like the option to turn that off

Best game!

I’ve been playing this for years and love this game. When we earn an unlimited lives time. (Daily reward win 30 minutes free) that we could decide when to use it. Sometimes I play before work and win a free 30 minutes but can’t use it because I have to go to work. I would love to be able to save it like our shovels and lightening bolts. Just a suggestion

It’s ok

The game has made it all but impossible now to complete a full city. I dislike the 3 lives and your done .

Gummy Drop

Very challenging. Thanks

Updates stink
jonah the game player

I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years. With every new update it seems like it’s harder to win even on the 1st level. It’s like the designers are forcing us to buy more coins even to win the 1st level. Thinking of finding a new game

Worst Most Frustrating Game Ever

How to make what could be a great game no fun... this is like the games at the carnivals where you cannot win unless you pay a lot of money... which is illegal in some states... maybe someone in on of those states should start suing under those laws.. just deleted the game... will never download anything again by this developer... this game is horrible...!!!

Used to be great

But since the update every time I use coins to add 5 more moves it’s happy to take my coins but then blows up and shuts down. Opening the app again shows my coins spent but back at the same level, starting over, no extra moves. Just not worth my time anymore and I’ve spent well over 400 days in a row on this game. Too bad.


BEST GAME EVER!!!!! If I could only have 1 game, this..Gummy Drop,, would be IT! (Forget all the negativity) 2020— would be cool if ... if there are any lightning bolts left when you are done ... that they save for you..before any unused moves get added.