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Grab a solar board and surf the moon’s dusty hills and steep craters. It is up to you – if you roam freely, perhaps practicing some kickflips, or if you head directly to the marked waypoints.
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Games Free Christian Schnellmann iPhone, iPad, iPod

All the game’s 5184 areas are procedurally generated. The landscapes early in the game, are reminiscent of NASA’s Apollo program. But, when you reach the far side of the moon, the terrain algorithm gets increasingly out of hand, producing an ethereal topography, suited only for the most experienced of players.

Moon Surfing’s online server keeps track of your progress and the progress of all other players. You will know which areas have been conquered already, and when. All players are in this together.

Privacy notice: the player IDs are randomly generated for each device and are anonymous.


coool duude

It’s a very interesting concept and it would be a a very good game except for the fact that it’s so boring. There is nothing to do after 20 seconds of figuring things out. It feels like someone came up with a good idea but didn’t do a good job executing the idea. If there was more to do then it would be an amazing game but after 5 minutes it’s just boring.

Great relaxation (some glitches)

This game is great for casual play when you're bored or on a plane. It can be challenging at times, but overall it's a quality game. One issue is that the location positioning is off. At S90 where west turns to east, there are probably hundreds of locations all packed into one tiny area. Basically the develop chose the wrong spherical projection I believe. Either way, great game. I wound up purchasing the full version because I liked it. Would reccommend. Don't go in with huge expectations though. It's just good ambiance and relaxation.

Perfect game
Danial Khanbabapour

I like moon i realy want to walk on its surface.i always watch moon in night and think whats going on on its game is perfect i play and pass levels evryday.pls add some things to earn points and upgradge my rover it would be cool.

There are more free levels

I’ve seen other reviews on this game that say there are only so many levels that are free. But if you drag the target to a spot away from the stars, you can still play them. There’s an infinite amount of levels to this game, you just don’t get all the terrains. I absolutely love this game! I play it whenever I have free time. 10/10 - totally recommend it.

Pretty good and NO ADS!

Only thought there could be a rider on the board, but otherwise awesome.




Moon surfing is a good idea but u can’t go “anywhere “ Good game tho



Amazing game very cool very swag i like it
moon sruf pro

best game ever, no one thinks its good until they try it highly recommend i’m playing this and it is not even my device yet i am still making good review ???? worth the money !

Really fun game but...

This is a really cool and fun game but one thing that I can’t get over is how the controls are, swiping to move left and right? Can you please at least add a setting where you have buttons to go left or right?

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