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At the B-Sides Music Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland tons of audio equipment is connected with cables. If only one of these cables is not plugged in correctly, the loudspeakers remain silent. In AUX B you are tasked with connecting the right cables. Bring the music through the different components to the loudspeaker to make it to the next level.
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I laughed when I found out this thing existed. The cable physics are identical to that of software modular patch bays. Love this. XD


Surprisingly addictive!



First class fun
THE Tiggr

This simple premises belies the true fiendish nature of the game. Whilst having a music theme, in reality it has nothing to do with cables, roadies or anything else. When it comes down to it the game is a logic puzzle, pure and simple, and all the better for it. No ads anywhere and only the occasional 'please rate me' nag. Very highly recommended if you're like me, and like quick challenges that you can do anywhere.

Awesome Audio Themed Game

As an audio engineer it's always fun to see cool little games like this get made. This game rocks can't wait till there's more puzzles!

Absolutely Amazing!
Sound Connection

Not only is it fun, it's a great way to teach newbs signal flow!


Being an Audio guy very fun game to play! It's very very addictive and challenging at the same time!

Love It

I am a sound producer and I was looking for audio apps for my iPad Pro, and this game came up. I wanted to try it and I love the puzzle prospective it gives you, but yet still associating with sound. I haven't been able to stop playing it yet. I have noticed one small glitch though. Whenever you get asked to buy the rest of the levels after the 40th level, it doesn't require you to pay. It just gives it to you. Hopefully you developers can fix this soon so they can be supported to continue on this amazing game.

Tons of fun!

I have to admit to making a few of these rat's nest patch jobs in my real life :D

Tangled cords
Joe Pop2

Where's the cable management. How bout some cable ties? Jk great game for nerds

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