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Flight Simulator 0 is all about the feeling of flying. Steer a plane over an abstract landscape by simply tilting your smartphone or tablet. 26 runways wait to be discovered, some of them picturesquely located on the shores of crystal clear lakes, others well hidden between razor-sharp polygons. Just relax and follow your ears to your next destination.
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Games $0.99 Christian Schnellmann iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Intuitive motion controls
- Low poly 3D-graphics
- 26 destinations
- Day-night cycle, dynamic weather
- Musical environment


Amazing game

Very comforting and interesting. Super intuitive once you get the feel for it. I have been playing it for over a year and have found 25/26 air strips but there is still much more to explore. Non-addictive. Can’t recommend enough.

Love the game?
game tester21

So let me start off saying that this is a great game with a few minor issues. I love the scenery of the game, and the water too. The biggest thing that annoys me is the yaw. It’s kinda strange how the yaw works but a better way to make it so when you tap the left side of the device it yaws to the left, same for the right. Add more planes to the game like maybe a glider or a small airliner like for example a 747 or the 737 etc. also make it so you can go through the clouds in the sky. Instead of just a runway for the airports add a little more like maybe a small shack or shed or a hanger, or maybe a control tower. Increase the day and night cycle to like ten minute. Have the weather according to the time of year like for winter you will see snow on the hill and mountains, ice for the water and blizzards too. Add little town like a few building on the plains. Add some more ai to the game, I know that there’s hawks flying around but that not good enough for an ai. Have it so you have a mini map so you can see where you are. Also add some waterfalls because that would be cool to see one in the game. Make it so you can customize the airplane so like put stickers on it and paint it different color like red or blue. And have upgrades on it like a faster speed put on a smoke trail from the aircraft etc. have a slow down button because I need to slow down to see something or avoid a crash. Make it so you can land on runways that you already discovered again. Overall I really enjoyed the game and it was very calm and relaxing playing it I highly recommend buying it, it is definitely worth the two dollars.


I like this app it's fun


It's fun and relaxing

Atmospheric, but not really fun. Interface needs some work.
Paul Frivold

Those are pretty much my thoughts, not really worth the dollar at this time.

Beautiful design, theme and music

Just an amazing game. Easy and fun. Relaxing to fly around and find the landing strips.

Exactly what I was looking for
G. Gildersleeve

Well done.

Flying Perfected

You've done it. By the grace of the gods, namely Po-sky-don, you turned a surreal flight game into something truly spectacular. Thanks go to TouchArcade for suggesting I buy the original version a few weeks ago. I liked that one. This version...this is air-mazing.


The app is crashing every 1 to 2 minutes for me as well. I have the same exact device as the other reviewer who is having trouble.


There's something really appealing about how the multicolored landscapes mix with the soundtrack to create a genuine sense of space.

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