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Moon Surfing is free iOS app published by Christian Schnellmann



Popped into the bar with my wife for poison Yes we have some good stuff going on tomorrow morning



It’s hard to find the routes sometimes.

A lie

wacky fox

It’s a lie it is not free roaming it is just falow the path nothing more

Great game, some suggestions?


I absolutely LOVE this game, although I would love it so much if you made a mode where you can just roam around and do fun tricks and stuff, this game would not only be fun but so muck more popular. I love the idea of this game and it can be so much better through making different versions such as the original game, a free running game with no goals or timer, another cool thing Is maybe you can add tricks to the free running mode.

I love this game

ella funny

I love this game it really gives me energy and calms me down at the same time



It’s really boring ?

Great game!!!

electroman 452

Great game, super fun

Good game

Landlord tycoon player

I like it

64 and trying...


OK so why pay a $1.99 and then the fourth challenge is basically impossible. I guess I will head back to WSL.

Bad game

gamer 827

Game is very boring to me