iSpreadsheet™ Reviews

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iSpreadsheet™ is paid iOS app published by Savy Soda Pty Ltd

Used for many years


Love having the ability to use iSpreadsheet to keep records/spreadsheets on my iPhone of daily Glucose blood readings, current bank account balances and other information.

Can’t Live Without iSpreadsheet

JP Mathguy

Excellent and convenient spreadsheet at the touch of a finger. I’m on my iPad all the time and constantly using iSpreadsheet. Great for budget, investments, and tax calculations. Very easy to use and has many useful functions. Gotta luv it!

Love it


I’ve used this app for a few years already. I use it for balancing all my financials. I love it!

I love it

Romie Cab

It’s awesome, I use it every day

Very good spreadsheet.

ProfessorMcSubyface III

I use it for my budget. It works fine.

Great app. Very useful


Great app. Includes formulas n many other features. I can download to my desk pc, work on it and then send back to my phone.



It’s great I love it.

Works great!


I use this app to keep many budget forms setup and mobile, it works just like excel on my pc and makes it so easy to keep track on the go.

Lost all my saved files


I have only one problem While up grading my phone all my saved files were not recovered, I had saved them to the cloud,,, how can I get them back This was the only app that did not transfer

Best spreadsheet ever


This app makes it easy to track all kinds of information