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iSpreadsheet™ is paid iOS app published by Savy Soda Pty Ltd



It saves all my documents to be used in later condition. It acts like a computer.

A users manual would be nice


The spreadsheet seems to work alright for an inexpensive phone based spreadsheet. I went to the creator’s website to look for a users manual and did not find one. I am not talking about how to work a spreadsheet, I am talking about how to highlight cells, how to copy one cell to several other cells, how to add a row, how to delete a row, etc. This would have reduced my frustration significantly and would have increased my rating.

Beautiful little app


This is a simple, easy, clean little spreadsheet app. I had the previous iteration and love it! I’m happy to have this nice, neat, uncomplicated tool at my disposal for all my basic spreadsheet needs (tracking parts, keeping tabs on inventory item location & qty, etc.).



iSpeadsheet works great with multiple file types and keeps my data organized.

Nice spreadsheet!!!


Works fantastic



Awesome app! Great to track everything in!

Zero Support


I purchased iSpreadsheet for my iPad because the description indicated it would open .xls spreadsheets. I could not get it to do so and reported the issue to Savy Soda. My issue was acknowledged with a report number but that was the end of it. I asked for an update on my inquiry and have been ignored ever since. That was 3 weeks ago. Done with Savy Soda.



How do you copy a range of cells? The help link is broken even on the App Store



Super handy for my needs.

Love it


As good as it gets ??????