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iSpreadsheet™ is paid iOS app published by Savy Soda Pty Ltd

Excellent Editor


Best CSV editor I’ve found.

A great was to use Spreadsheet on your tablet

Rail History

I was in position while on a trip. I needed to come up with a quick Spears sheet to show some numbers with cost of sales and profit margin. Ispeadsheet came through for me. Once you’ve learned. How to you it it’s simple and easy to use. I’ve continued using it for others that need to maintain rates and hours worked. Works just fine. I also can move it and print when I need to. As they continue to update the app just gets better.

Works great!!


It makes life easier for me and my organization ocd!!

Use it all the time


Its great

The Best Spreadsheet


I recommend this for its ease, in logging business and personal information.

Budget keeper


I love this app. I do my budget and keep a spread sheet of the money I spend. It really works for me. I can adjust it for my needs.

Nice app


Never had any bugs. I rely on it for my bill structure. Thanks for the app

Love it


Loved the free version so much I bought it

Just what I was looking for!


I have wanted a very simple, yet functional spreadsheet app to use on my smartphone. I’ve tried excel, numbers,...but didn’t really like them for smartphones. I love excel on a pc, but it was not great on the phone. This app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles...and I like that. It is simply what I need to do basic formulas and I have created my family budget on it easily. After creating one spread sheet with the app, you will most likely get the hang of things. The only thing you’ll need to do is to look online about how to use formulas if you are not familiar with them. I quickly purchased the version without adds, although the free version’s add are not annoying. Whenever I find an app I really like, I am happy to support it. Many thanks to the makers of this app! You have made me very h-app-y!


Gamma 4

This spreadsheet is so that if you have knowledge of any spreadsheet, you can transition.