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4/5 rating based on 87 reviews. Read all reviews for iSpreadsheet™ for iPhone.
iSpreadsheet™ is paid iOS app published by Savy Soda Pty Ltd

Great app


Love this app

Simple and easy


Would like a few more editing options, but it works for my simple inventory needs.

Trump best president ever!

Trump best president ever!

Love the app., easy to use!

Lots of bugs


The bugs make it frustrating to use.

Lost all my saved files


I have only one problem While up grading my phone all my saved files were not recovered, I had saved them to the cloud,,, how can I get them back This was the only app that did not transfer

In Retirement

In Retirement

Amazing spreadsheet for simple number crunching and organizing data. There are a few very minor bugs but easy to work around. Great, great value.

I love this tool.


Great tool to keep track of my mileage from work. Very useful application.

Doesnt work with ios 11.2


Upgraded to ios 11.2 Ispreadsheet failed and all files were lost Paid for new version to recover files Files were not restored



Easy to use, does what I need.

Love it!


Great spread sheet and I love using it on my phone.