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Watch long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators.
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IGTV is different from your typical video experience. It’s built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. And IGTV videos aren’t limited to one minute, which means you can see more of your favorite content.


* Download and sign in with your Instagram account. You can start watching videos right away.
* Watch videos from creators you already follow and others you might like.
* Browse other videos or search for a specific creator’s channel as you watch.
* Like or comment on videos and send them to your friends in Direct.
* Discover creators and follow them right from IGTV to see more of who they are on Instagram.


No volume
Rich sale

No volume and you can’t turn it on

Missing feature

Not letting me find liked IGTV videos, and the regular app never allowed that, only here so I have no way of tracking the long videos I’ve liked

Bigfaimlyguy Javk

Great energy

Forces the video into the feed

I used to be able to use the app and my video would just go to the IGTV section in my profile but now it is forcing my video to do a preview in my feed. It is terrible because I don’t want the video preview in my feed and there is no option like there was in the past to stop it from doing this. I am very disappointed in this update.

Could be cool

This is so close to being something to take serious. But they limit you in so many stupid ways. Firstly you can actually upload a 60 minute video, but only if it was a live video saved in your live video archives. If you want to edit that live video, and re-upload it, you just can’t. Because your not allowed to upload something over 15 minutes. They let people with lots of followers do this only. I understand this as a means of quality control, but if your video is really low quality, it’s not gonna show up in their feed anyway. Also, live videos saved to your archive take forever to upload. Most of the time they just don’t even upload because the loading bar gets stuck at the very end for no reason at all. If their looking for quality control, they should fix their own stuff first. Also, I was doing a live video where I was singing with a music backtrack and then it just stopped without warning because of “copywrite”. This was something just between my family and friends. I shouldn’t have a LIVE video completely and instantly STOPPED for copywrite if I’m not making money off of it. This has a lot of potential, but as of right now it’s not worth using unless your doing short clips which you could just upload to instagram normally anyway.

No video editing
TWH x2

From a business standpoint, I miss this being integrated into the Instagram app. I can no longer edit my longer videos with the app. I have to use another app to add text, icons and sounds to my videos which is super disappointing. I’m not a fan of having to now have 2 additional apps on top of Instagram, when it was neatly packaged together before. Same editing features and all in one place, made it so much better. If you are going to make it a stand-alone app you need to be able to edit videos in app not just a place to upload.

Upload speed
Pinterest. Addict

Upload speed is slow and challenging. Doesn’t upload properly. Very frustrating

IGTV on Instagram
Brad Brenner 420

@cyclelaw At 1.2 million followers obviously I’m enjoying the Instagram app and all the new monetization tools available for creators The only complaint I have is the total lack of technical support and in correct violations that are being assessed to accounts and no way to get any solutions or help to reverse Instagram’s mistakes especially when they affect your overall engagement ❓?

Volume problems
ok cool i lke it

For some reason the sound work then it doesn’t and the only way to turn the sound back on is to refresh


Why do the audio keep going out? I have to reboot the phone for it to come back in. This issue seriously need to be fixed because it’s extremely frustrating