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Hey, this is Threads – a new app for keeping up with your close friends. It's the place for you to quickly share photos, videos, statuses, and Stories with your Instagram Close Friends list.
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Photo & Video Free Instagram, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Close Friends Only
Threads works with the people on your Close Friends list, so you're in control of who can reach you on the app. You can create and edit your list anytime on Instagram or Threads.

Share Instantly
You can share photos and videos lightning fast. Use camera shortcuts to send them to your close friends in just two taps.

Share What You're Up To with Status
You can choose from a selection of pre-set statuses, create your own, or enable automatic status, which shares little bits of context with your friends. You can choose whether to use status, and only your close friends will see your status.

Continue Using Instagram
Messages from your Close Friends will now appear in Threads, but you will still have access them on Instagram.


One minor suggestion

I love this app, I just wish you were able to delete ur messages.

Don’t Get

It keeps trying to hack me Instagram messaged me aswell

I like it but..

The videos are too short. 15 seconds is not enough you should make them at least a minute.

Soso Good!

I’ve used it for a month or so! When it’s not freezing up it’s fine. I can’t use my iPhone stick remote to start a video; only lets me raise the volume with it! Don’t like I have to hold the button to do my videos!

Teeya ?️‍?

the app really helps. i only used instagram to message my friends, as instagram hurts my mental health, threads is a great way to communicate & avoid the toxicities that come with social media.

audio isnt working

every time I try to record a video, it mutes the audio

My opinion
annoymous jourdy

I love the app overall, it’s great! But it will not let me save my video threads anymore. It’s getting annoying...


I can’t send photos any more fix it pls

Down since 12/17 PLEASE FIX

I can’t send video threads through the app anymore. A friend of mine and I use this app as a main form of communication because of the captions and we can’t send each other videos. App states it’s failed to send. We’ve both tried uninstalling it, updating it, restarting our phones and reaching out to support. Neither of us can send each other or anyone else Threads. At this point we’re creating the videos in threads, saving them and then sending over the Instagram DM. Which is a very long workaround to use something like Threads. Please fix this

Auto captions were great until the recent glitch
shani alexis

When you go to edit the captions, it turns the video sideways