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Hungry Shark Underwater Cage Free

Drive the big yacht in the open ocean and drive it anywhere you want to and park it.
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Games Free A V Logix iPhone, iPad, iPod

See the water going up in the air by the thrust of the yacht and drive it in its fast and full speed.
Keep the boat on its full thirst and its full speed to reach to the desired point before time runs out.
The Great White Shark is the ocean's apex predator. Now you be in front of the shark in a close cage and survive through this.
The shark will Attack everything in the ocean which even slightly moves. This high action shark simulator is packed with adventure.
The object of the game is to go in the deep ocean water and survive the shark attack in the closed steel cage.
Be the better survivor and survive through this terror and horror until the end and proceed through next level of game.
Tap up to go forward.
Tap Down to stop and go back.
Tap right to go right.
Tap Left to go left


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