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The Slender Man is an urban legend who is tall, thin and has a blank face. He can also stretch or shorten his arms to inhuman lengths.
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Games Free A V Logix iPhone, iPad, iPod

You need to locate the missing items in the forest before the Slender Man finds you. With only a lighter to guide the way, it's going to be tough.
It's nighttime and you are in a forest. It's dark and foggy but you have a flashlight. You decide to investigate the zone so you take your torch and start walking.
After a long walk, you find a strange page talking about the Slender Man. After a while you feel that something is following you and you are not wrong... Slender is just behind you!
When you look at him you feel tired and dizzy and your camera only shows a static and plays an annoying beeping sound.
With every page you find Slender gets closer to you. Will you find the pages before it's too late? Slender Man is coming for you.
The Slender Man is after you...for now you're safe hiding in the attic of an old house in the woods, but that won't last long.
You need to leave before the Slender Man finds you, but first you must find the objects hidden around the house. 
Use VR movements to controls the player movements.


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