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VR Hungry Shark Cage Simulator Free

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the water, from the darkness rises a giant renegade Great White Shark.
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Games Free A V Logix iPhone, iPad, iPod

You control this beast as he terrorizes the waters, attack boats, eats people, hunts down some humpback whales.
If you enjoy playing free play simulator type games, you will enjoy taking control of this huge 3D shark.
Experience Shark Run, the horrifying simulation of a deadly killer shark who is on a rampage to gobble up all the holiday goers on the beach.
They are known as one of the most dangerous wild animals in the sea waters and beast predators.
Become ace shooter enjoying fishing lake with seamless crystal water.

So get ready to become the crazy man eater to devour all the people on the shores or come in the ocean.

Use VR Virtual Reality movements to control the player movements.


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