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Welcome to Hotel Tycoon 2! - Hotel chain management simulation game.
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Games $2.99 TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPad

Hotel Tycoon has proudly come back with more fun and more realistic gameplay! This is Hotel Tycoon 2!

Build again your own personalized hotel chain with all of your wish!


- 8 virtual cities background
- From 2 stars to 6 stars 27 unique hotel buildings
- Customize and design hotel landscape as you want
- Customize and design hotel rooms and facilities as you want
- Scenario mode and free play game mode supported
- Competition with 4 AI players in free play mode
- Hiring hotel managers who can help you
- Various hotel management skill
- Support game center with achievements and leader board

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It needs work

There is very little detail in the actual rooms or hotel construction. Also the room items don’t have any options that don’t look awful and the paint/flooring can’t be changed without renovations which you can only do after a certain period of time so it’s a great concept but needs more work.

Great game

Finally updated to ios11 if only they did with their other tycoon games. This is a fun game to pass time or play while relaxing.

Far better then original

This is the best tycoon game out there. I would recommend this tycoon game to everyone. If you don't buy it then you Don't know what you are missing. Graphics are better then the first and gameplay is far better and you must complete the scenario's first before playing in free mode. The scenario's will teach you how to play the game and are very easy to play.


I love this game and the first one!! But I hate the coins, get rid of them and I'll play more!!!!!

Fix the bugs!

Loved the first game so when I saw this was SO excited! But my game seems to have a major bug, I can't get passed Scenario 2. When I try to build the hotel, the next button doesn't work for me :(

OK start...but still lacking

I fell in love with the first version of this game after enjoying AirTycoon. However no updates ever came out for the original...just now an entirely new game. I like it so far...however there are a bunch of bugs. For example the pricing manager is useless. In a 6star hotel I am paying him $112,000 salary and his pricing caused my hotel to go from 80% full to 20%, but the dude is supposed to help with setting the correct pricing... Also the operating expense of the hotel is way out of wack. On a property pulling in, according to the info tab, around 700k a week I barely and making 230k...I feel like they did this so you purposely buy their stupid in app money...$10!!! for this.. At least with Airline Tycoon you can build enough money to continue enjoying the it is I've sat for hours letting it run to try and get to the point of building another hotel. I also find that unlike in AirlineTycoon it's incredibly hard and slow to earn revenue...leading to you to purchase in app money ($10!!!!) to advance in the game quicker.... Also a random bug I found when building a hotel is if you do not press 'return' on the keyboard then you can't advance...this should help out the dude stuck on scenario 2.. I hope they update this game this time around instead of just making new games...and I hope they fix these issues ASAP

Still pretty buggy

-Still getting charged for advertising and extra accommodations even after I stop them -Setting a weekly base price does not apply when a new week appears on the calendar +Love the extra features added on, gives it a more management game feel

Credits are ridiculous

You have to play 20 game months to earn enough credits to build a new hotel...ridiculous! There is no strategy, just monotonous waiting until you get enough credits, even though you have the cash. I get it, if the game were free, but dont waste your money on a game that has horrible playability without in-app purchases. The fact that the developer points out that it is *possible* to play without in-app purchases should have been a big red flag. Save yourself the trouble and keep your three bucks!!

Great game

This game is great. Very good job of creating a realistic hotel management game. I feel that this game would be even better if it was like air tycoon. I would like to be able to have hotels on more than just 7 cities. It would be awesome to see if i could open a national or worldwide hotel chain. I would give it 5 stars then. Otherwise it is a great game

It's ok, but lots of unanswered questions!

Some bugs have been fixed but I wish the credits you earn/buy would transfer to a new game/file. There should be a way to list the price of the hotel you want to sell, not just a basic price (or is that what the bank thinks its worth?). You should also list the objective of the game not just before the game but during too! when your hotel is robbed or damaged, do you lose money or have to repair/replace stuff? This isn't clear!