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Welcome to Hotel Tycoon 2! - Hotel chain management simulation game.
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Games $1.99 TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hotel Tycoon has proudly come back with more fun and more realistic gameplay! This is Hotel Tycoon 2!

A dedicated iPad version is also available now - 'Hotel Tycoon2 HD'.

Build again your own personalized hotel chain with all of your wish!


- 8 virtual cities background
- From 2 stars to 6 stars 27 unique hotel buildings
- Customize and design hotel landscape as you want
- Customize and design hotel rooms and facilities as you want
- Scenario mode and free play game mode supported
- Competition with 4 AI players in free play mode
- Hiring hotel managers who can help you
- Various hotel management skill
- Support game center with achievements and leader board

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I wish I could get a refund

I bought this game thinking it would be fun but it’s not. At all. It hasn’t been modified to fit the screen of iPhone X max so it’s hard to see. Very disappointed

We need hotel tycoon 3

Its a lovely game, please update it and make a new one


It’s ok. Bought a couple of things, then a new hotel, and it basically glitched to where it gave me $1 billion. Kinda ruins the game..... I miss the original Hotel Tycoon. I have it on my iPod touch Gen 1... those were the days....

Good game, but there is one bug that needs to be fixed

When I build a hotel sometimes, it will either give me unlimited money (which ruins the game) or it will charge me 100x what it is supposed to charge and make me bankrupt.


Random purchases that say they cost 1200, will end up costing u a couple hundred million or will randomly credit you a couple hundred million. If the game is to old to play on current devices TAKE IT OFF THE STORE, hope u had fun stealing my money... WACK! (Hannibal Burres)

U Can Cheat

Needs updated badly as it fails at math when buying and selling ?

Please come out with a new One

I love this game and would love to see an all new updated version of this game. All other games are idle tap which is boring and unrealistic. You have a great platform with this game!!

Great Game, Would love a update.
Ronald Alph

This is such a fun game, I would love for the publisher to release an update soon.

Great app
Will 89 89

I’m so happy this finally got updated so it can be played on iOS 11. This is an amazing game and so much fun to play.


Can y’all please update this app so I can play