Hilton Honors: Book Hotels Reviews

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Hilton Honors: Book Hotels is free iOS app published by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

Update is horrible

[email protected]

As a Diamond member I travel and stay at the same places often. They removed the ability to pull up you previous stays and use that info to rebook your next stay. Also as others have pointed out you can’t cancel through the app. Huge step backwards for no gain.

Super easy


HILTON HONORS app is very easy to use! 😊

Crappy and will never stay at a hampton again


nothing like crappy service!

App keeps crashing


I had to redo my hotel search 4 times, and Each time it crashed. The regular online version is great, but this needs work.

Bring Back Apple Wallet for Room Reservations

Rádadeus Ä Sohji

I’ve been using this app for long-term planning of some pretty important trips for a while now, and something I love having is the tracking of reservations through Apple Wallet. In the recent update, that seems to have been removed. Please bring this back!


Carpenter I

During our recent stay at Hilton Beach resort in Ft Lauderdale Fl. On “vacation “ all but!! Very aggravating cloths still in closet from previous guest, dirty bathroom, and patios were filth. We though we were staying at a upscale resort. Little did we know. The elevators I’ve complained about several times without any satisfaction of my complaint. Many people and workers agreed the doors close too fast and slamming me and others in the doors. As a injured disabled veteran I’ve been hurt and ignored. Nobody to this day will take responsibility for our stay. It felt like Mackamey Manor in Tennessee. If you catch my point. Completely disappointed

Easy cancellation

chicago 2019

I’m so happy with this app! Had to cancel a reservation I made due to Covid-19. It was extremely easy. One less thing to worry about!!! Thanks

Getting better but still needs some work


As a Diamond member, I use the app weekly. With the latest upgrade, I don't see where to cancel an existing reservation. I should be able to cancel my reservation as easily as I make my reservations. Please add this feature on the next upgrade. I also can't find my past stays or easily pull up receipts. These updates are terrible.

New website

redesign the website

Used to be able to find all information needed regarding a particular hotel. Now it brings you to rates with limited access to other information

Lost ability to mark favorite rooms

Ms. ChiTown

I like the look and feel of the new app. However, the ability to favorite rooms were removed. I liked the ability to favorite rooms at hotels that I’ve previously stayed. This feature was extremely helpful when checking in before my arrival. With this new version of the app, I can only favorite hotels. Please bring this feature back. 😩