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Hilton Honors: Book Hotels is free iOS app published by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

Needs digital key on the Apple Watch


I love the check out and digital key feature in the iPhone app. The Apple Watch app however, is pretty pointless. It only shows upcoming stays, your member number and points. You can actually do anything from the Apple Watch. The ideal platform for a digital room key would honestly be an Apple an android watch. i do wish that i didn’t have to go to the front desk to get a digital key in the app though. Other then that, the iPhone app is perfect so far.

Easy to use


Great app easy to use on the go



Great app



You can’t filter or sort by points. Otherwise works good.



Easy to book and edit my hotel stays

Poor design and user functionality

Brian L

This application functions like it was written by an amateur. It’s missing ok / close buttons / selections. It has pop ups that are bigger than the screen. Disorganized in overall user interface. Time to go back to the drawing board.

Thank you


Easy site to book!

Does not work

Remote child

Sitting in a Hilton property and nothing works. I am connected to their WiFi and I continually get a message that it cannot refresh and none of the app works. Shows my stay but can not access anything. Every other app works. Does not show other stays past, cancelled or upcoming. Digital key does not work.

George Peach


This Hampton is Awesome.I love that they have diversity people working, breakfast staff is deaf but the comment cards on the table to inform the guest if we need anything wave the cards. I thought that was extremely beautiful.Thanks for an Awesome stay.


Review Predator

Can’t review my receipt on your application