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Hilton Honors: Book Hotels is free iOS app published by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

New update


The new update is very unhelpful. It’s difficult to use and I can no longer find basic information.



What a wonderful website what a wonderful hotel Hilton is around the world. I’m going to Moab because I like the sun and the red rocks and hiking. And I work as a firefighter in the summer so I like to relax on the days I don’t have to work sometimes I could be busy thank you for your service Hilton hope to see you soon



My Home away from Home!!!

Too many problems


App was logged in, but told me I had to log in to check in.

Easy to use! Love access anywhere all over the world


One of the easiest reservation app I have ever used.



Great app! Easy to use.

new update


I am a Hilton diamond member and travel for work and the new update is TERRIBLE. The smooth and easy layout from before has been changed to small little icons, with less functionality, and awful design. I have a choice when I book my hotels for travel and the app not working like it used to has made me reconsider my consistent loyalty to Hilton. CHANGE THE APP BACK TO HOW IT WAS.

Great app


Using my Hilton hotel app makes booking a room very hassle free.

Include number of lifetime nights

Weather Argonaut

I like the Hilton app, but it could be better. The Marriott app allows me to see the total number of nights stayed over the course of my life. Why doesn’t Hilton have this nice feature? This would be a nice stat to track!



So easy to search for rooms when traveling.

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