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GM Tools offers Game Masters of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or any other fantasy setting an amazing collection of randomized situations, effects, locations, NPCs and more.
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Utilities $3.99 Longpaw, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Whether you are creating an adventure from scratch or running a module, GM Tools offers instant access to randomized variables that will add atmosphere and challenge to your game session.

Players can be unpredictable in what they want to do, so GM Tools was created to answer most situations on-the-fly.

GM Tools offers the following:

Randomized Wizard Tower with 4 Floors, traps, magic and more.

Cities & Towns, including Wandering Beggars, Tavern Occupants, Inn Residents, Wanted Dead or Alive, Odd Jobs, Tavern Strangers, Difficult City Entry Demands, Secret City Monsters, Odd Laws and more.

Campaign Settings, including Dead Gods, Ancient Empires, Nature Gone Nuts, Emergencies, Crystal Ball Readings, Oracle Responses and Curses!

Dragons, including Unusual Dragon Demands, Dragon Threats, Dragon Psyche, Horde Items, Hunger, Weakness and Prisoners.

Tons of Dungeon options, including Dungeon Fog, Security, Torture Rooms, Equipment, Pantry, Entities, Garbage, Unexpected Guests, Pit Bottoms, Fluids, Listening at Doors, Strange Floors, Mysteries and Corpses.

NPCs include Weird NPCs, Necromancers, Wandering Idiots, Assassins for Hire, Sidekicks, Strange Farmers, Unusual Vampires, Assassin Targets, Quirks, Secret Identities and even Useless Hirelings!

Treasure options include Missing Ingredients, Vaults, Potions, Equipment, Cursed Items, Helms, Corpse Treasure, Scrolls, Tomes, Magic Swords and tons more!

Wilderness settings include Weird Water, Unusual gardens, Deadly Plants, Forest Lights, Wandering Caravans, Odd Swamps and plenty more.

GM Tools is great inspiration for your next adventure!


Dnd dm

This is awful.


This app awesome! It is really just there to have some random odd situations that can carry off on their own, but it is useful for when you are having a brain fart and need something on the fly.

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Don't waste your money.